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Dad beats me up

I was a best friend with one of this girl. I mean she was my best friend, we've been together as friend for 6 years. Wgerever she needed help, I was there for her, she took me as for granted. Cuz I protected her and did many things, My one sided for her is last 5 years now. But in these couple months she is in relationship with this guy, I was jealous when they were together, it hurts, but for her happiness, i had to do anything to make her happy, satisfy her, I even helped her to go back to that guy when they broke up. But I thought that was just normal. But one day I confessed to her, the day when I heard the story of the death of my parents, I lived with my auntie, I was so sad that I confessed my feelings to her and she said"so it would be better if u stay away from me", I went home and cried a lot it hurted like hell. But then whenever she needed help, I was there for her. Then she got pregnant, and asked me too tell her parents that it was me, cuz she didn't want her bf to have problem. I as always agree, then her dad beats me up...I then searched that guy and wanted to give him a lesson, but she said that I can't touch him, so beats me up instead, it didn't matter for, to me as long as it makes her feel good, then I'm ok, now she has a child, and wants ne to take care for her child, cuz her bf left her...I feel so sry for her, it hurts when she doesn't love me. It stll hurts more when I see her sad


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