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Another life

For almost a year, I was depressed over the separation and the heart break with my son's father. I thought I would never love again. I dated a few times here and there but never had any feelings for anyone. Turns out there was this one guy, whom I had known for over a year through a mutual friend but never would I have thought we had any type of chemistry. Until he made the initiative to reach out to me, and at that instant I felt the goose bumps and butterflies in my stomach. We were both hesitant to get involved for the fear of getting hurt in anyway, but we kicked it off right away. It was tremendously exciting to know my heart could beat for someone again and my son's father was long gone (out of my system!)
Turns out, he had a girlfriend whom he was about to separate from but he hit rock bottom and the only person that could actually, physically be there for him was her. He felt really bad at the thought of leaving here since she had done so much for him. I decided to step aside and try to just let it go. It has been months since and to this day when we see eachother (mutual friends) we remind ourselves how special we are to eachother and that we actually do love eachother. Hopefully someday, sometime maybe in another life we will be together.!


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