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Well basically I started working at my job about 7 months ago. I started at the same time three other people did. As I got to know them better I started to really like this one. It really hit me at the work party when we slow danced that I wanted to ask her out. I kept thinking about it until someone else found out at work. My initial reaction was that she liked me because we always have a good time at work and at the dance she continued to dance with me. But then the one who found out I like her told her and she said that she isn't ready for a boyfriend right now because she is getting over her other one (which it has been about 3 months, how much time do you need get over it), anyways, she also said that she wanted to stay friends and that basically she would say no if I asked her. Throw in this little twist, before I knew about how she felt about me I asked her to go out and do something once our exams were done and she said we will talk about it.

I am crazy about this girl and threw together this little poem for her

Why Do I Love?

Why do I love?
It is something that I do,
For you will never truly know
How much I love you

With each waking moment
You are always on my mind
But the words I want to speak
Are very hard to find

I want to say "I love you"
And tell you how much you mean to me
For all the love I have
You will never truly see

When I stare into your eyes
All my hopes and dreams I see
I want to hold you close
And make you apart of me

I want you and I to be together
Through good times and bad
I will hold you to me closely
Whenever you are sad

If I was ever sure about anything
It is that you and I were meant to be
For you will never know
Just how truly much you mean to me

So basically I am just going to play it by ear and go by day to day events


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