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Year together

i met him over myspace!!! and i thought it wasnt going to be something serious but when we met in person i really liked him, and we starting going out for like 4 months, and we couldnt see each other that much because he had house arrest. but after a while he went to jail and he needed money so i was trying to help him, because he was my boyfriend but then i told him i couldnt help him so got mad at me because he thought i didnt wanna help him ,, then he broke up with me and well i felt like my world was going down!! and then we got back out together..everything was okay when he told me that he needed help again and i tried to help him but i didnt work so i asked my friend for some money and he told me i had to do something for him and because i didnt my boyfriend broke up with me,, but i dont know if he really cares about me because the only thing he talks about is sex well everytime he used to see me that's the only thing he could think of. well then he broke up with me and we quit talking. then he called me like a month later and told me that he was going to jail for a while, so i got sad and asked him why?? he didnt tell me he told me that he wanted to see me for the last time and i guess he just wanted to have sex so that why i didnt go see him........he got mad at me...then 6 months later his sister told me that he wanted to talk to me so she gave me his address and i sent him a letter. Now we talk again n he apologized for what he did and i forgave him and i gave him a second chance.... so now we got back out together but idnt know if he really cares about me ilove him with all my heart and i would do anything to see him we have a year together and i think he is the 1 or me..


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