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Birds fly free

What Loves Means To Me
By Dj Dogmore

Birds fly free, why can't I? You say you
love me, but are these words you speak

My life is such a mess. I wonder what I
should do. There is no one left but you to
put all of my trust into. But, what if I
do put my trust in you?

As I sit here piercing through steal plates
that cover the windows, trying to see
through the thin cover of paint,
only to see you in my mind.

But when I open my eyes, you are not
there. You don't pass through my
thoughts, you stay there and keep me sane.

The thoughts of losing you makes my
mind wonder if I'll ever see you again.
But then again, my love, if I don't you will
always be in my soul and forever in
my heart.

Thank you. Because of you, I will never
forget what love means.
Dj Dogmore


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