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Happily married

okay, so i was in 7th grade. and there was the hottest guy in the school, he was from another school. and i was so obbsessed with him. i thought about him twenty-four seven. my grades went from straight a's, to drawings on my tests of me and him swimming in the ocean. so then finnally, my friend set up a date for us. he thought i was a complete idiot, but we still went out to lunch. the weird thing is, it was at mcdonalds! but ANYWAYS.... we then went out to snowboard on a snowy day and we hung out with the group. when me and my 3 other best friends arrived home, they called my cell-phone. we were up all night playing truth-or-dare! my bestfriend, practicly like a sister to me to this day dared HIM to ask ME out! we were all fighting until she said that relationships are about getting to know eachother. so he did it, and of course i said yes. we got really attached to eachother. we went out for 2 years; until a new girl came into the school. she was ABSOLUTLY GORGEOUS! behind my back, they were going out to eat. and so after when me and my boyfriend came home from dinner, (IT WAS OUTSTADING) HE DUMPED ME FOR THE GIRL!!!!! and then less than 2 hours later, THEY WERE GOING OUT?! i was depressed for a while. i took my first sip of alcohal during that time, and i was ran to the hospital because of alcohal posining and then fined for underaged drinking. it was the worst year of my life. my ex-boyfriend had dummped the other girl after when he heard the news from the alcohal. he told me that he had relized how much he had loved me, and he never wanted to loose me. he was my first love, and will be my true love until the day i die. he had asked me out in 2001 and it is now 2009, and we are happilly married.


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