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Love forever

well we were child hood friends because my mother and his uncle were a couple so we took each other as cousins even tho we wernt. but as the years went by i truned 8 and befor i knew it we had moved away sad i no i never got to c them again well thats what i thought, until 7 years later i moved away again with my mum and my siters and brother i never knew what could happen next my mum's ex was living right next door to us i never stoped to ask we my chid hood friend william was, it never past though my mind, my mum and willams uncle stared taking again and still i never asked about william, untill a few mounts later the uncle came in with a very cute looking fella walked in after him, i didnt no who it was and i was to shy to go down an ask who it was, but as my mum called me down the stairs i took a look at him and said into myself i no that face from somwhere then it clicked no way it couldnt be noo i laughed in to my self is it could this be william then i asked my mum who was that guy and she said to me ''do you rember wil''.... i said william omg is it i said it loud enough for him to hear, after a while of talking and spending time togher we soon stared dateing it was the best days of my life we were so happy together we never left each others side we were ment to be i always said and he would wisper in to my ear i love u babe as mounts went by things were getting a bit off between us it was heart breaking to wach us growing apart i just dont no what happend but i said to him i dont want to do this anymore and left him and i have seen or heard from im sice i just dont no what to do im going crazy looking him back but i just dont no were he is anymore i wish i never let things go wrong beetween us cause i truely did love him

a love i thought would go on forever xo


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