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Why are you doing this to me? I'm crazy for you and you know it! I don't even know if you realize how much you hurt me with these words: "We're only friends." You've been my best friend for as long as I remember. You make me happy, laugh and smile and cry at all the same time. Whenever we're not talking, I feel so lonely, alone and unimportant; you're always creeping up in my head. Your amazingly ocean blue eyes come to my mind. The million dollar smile that sends shivers up my spine. The way you talk to me, the way you laugh, the way you make my day, I just love it... Just thinking of you and your beautiful face sends butterflies flying in my stomach and I can't handle it. I love love. Love is you. And so I love you. But how do I tell you? I can't. I'm scared of what you'll say, your reaction. Would you risk the friendship so strong just for me? I am willing to risk my whole life for you. All that flirting, is it all true? Or just joking around and playing around with my heart? I just wish they were true, because mine are. I would do everything and anything to spend my life with you. Do you know that? I'm not so sure... You leave me so breathless when I see you, I dream so much about you, I¡¯ve told you about them before but you never cared. Why am I feeling like this about a guy? I promised myself not to love anymore because I've been hurt so many times. But I have this feeling that I never felt before and I CAN¡¯T do anything about it, I CAN¡¯T help it! I've never felt this way about someone before. I told you everything, I tell you ALMOST everything. One day, you will know how much I love you; how much you complete my life in so many ways. This is all for you, do you realize that? No, you never will because you will never read this. You wish for a girlfriend that will make you happy in all the possible ways. I am here for you, every day, every night, every second of your future, I will be here as long as you want me. Baby, why can't you learn to love? Learn to love me? And I swear we'll make it. We'll make it without anyone being in our way. I swear I want to grow up, loving you, and you loving me. I want to grow up, knowing that we were meant to be all this time, knowing that we belong together till God takes us away to heaven, together. When I talk about getting married and having kids, I imagine my life you being my husband and the father of my children. Is it possible? I¡¯m sure it is but it is for you to decide. The whole 7 months we've been friends, you've never left my mind, and you¡¯ve always been the only one. All those other guys, they meant nothing to me but you are different. I didn't realize it at first; I never wanted to admit it. But now I know; I know that you are the one, the only one, the love of my life. I can¡¯t imagine living without you; you¡¯re the best thing that ever happened to me, the only thing that makes me happy at the moment. I'm so happy to call you my best friend, you have no idea how much I want to be more though. If I hadn't been so strong, I would have cried every night ever since. And I will now, because you are everything I ever wanted, everything I ever needed, everything I ever wished for. I love you and I always will, my love, my angel, my baby, my dream, my life. You know you are my prince, as I remind you so often. You might think I'm kidding but I am dead serious. But are you when you call me your princess? I can't wait till¡¯ you are.



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