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Lookin like an angel

hellow readers
this isshaikh from india (goa)when i was 15 years old when i was studing in 10 standard, i had the board exam.
i was very naughty, & was not studing, after my prelims we had 1 month break before exam, as i was not studing my dad send me 2 my cousins place in ponda, as my cousin was also in 1o standard, it was beeter for us 2 study.

on march fifth ther was a mela (yurus) in tagd city, so me & my cousin went there, my cousin was buying some thing from ther, & i was standing aside, i saw 1 girl in group, she aws passing by me. she was so beautifuul i cant discribe, she was lookin like an angel. i aws not loving her but i fall in love with her at the first sight. at thad movement i thougth that she will only with me in my dream but not in real life.

while returning home from mela, we heard some 1 calling my cousin, to my goodnees it was thad same girl, my cousin & thad girl was frends.
i tild my cousin a lot to give her mine proposal but she lied & dinied by saying thad she had a boyfriend.
iaws in real love with her & wanted her in any case.
after my exam i came back 2 ponda, after looking my madnss my cousin got convince 2 fworward my proposal.
i proposed her but she dinied. but accepted my frendship.from thad day i started talking with her till the day i have missed a singel day talking 2 her.
5 years i begd behind her, i aws daly proposing her, but she dinied daily.
finally she accepted.
1 day me my Gfrend & my


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