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One Late Afternoon


I’m an idiot, that’s what they say. I was irresponsible, apathetic and a bastard, in short, a bad boy. I’m not good in class and I don’t have a good heart. I don’t sympathize with people who have problems and those who carry the whole world in their shoulders, like feeling responsible for all the problems and the unfortunate people in the world. Maybe because I live with my parents having good and satisfying jobs and I was the only son. I’m selfish, I could say that. I just live with my sports; soccer, baseball, basketball, and softball. I could say that I would die if I miss those. Sport is my life.
I don’t really believe in love…that’s me. I could survive without those damn things…love and magic and all that.

But that was me before. All of me was changed when I met her…

I was 19 then, a happy-go-lucky guy; going home late at night, having fun and drinking with my friends, ditching class every now and then, wasting my tuition, and doing nothing good except in my sports. As usual, my teacher and my parents are frustrated with me. And I don’t care. I love living with my life in this way.
It was late afternoon inside the cafeteria, I was alone—ditching class at that moment—and then she was there. I was facing in the front door of the café and I saw her. She entered with her long hair freely flowing at her back. She had a yellow knapsack in her right shoulder and a yellow portfolio in her left arm. I was not used about describing people—especially girl’s faces but I don’t know what brought me at that moment to study her face intently. She has a light green and expressive eyes and she’s a brunette. She looked like a person suffering from leukemia—she’s so pale but she’s so, so, so beautiful for heaven’s sake.
She looked back at me. I swallowed.
I expected her to get angry because we all know for the fact that staring at people is rude. But I can’t take my eyes off of her.
Then she smiled. I blinked when I found out that she’s already standing in front of my table. I haven’t noticed.
“Can I join with you?” she asked me with her voice so beautiful, soft like velvet.
I looked around. Trying to gestured her that why me, of all the people inside the café. That’s when I noticed that the cafeteria was already full. And my table was the only table with me one person and that was me. People are sharing with their seats to others and the reason was—it’s pouring heavily outside.
I swallowed again. I told you I’m not good in sympathizing other’s feelings but as I looked at her eyes again, I know at that moment that I couldn’t refused her—even if she’ll asked me anything.
What the hell…I shook my head in disbelief. This is not me. This is ridiculous. I’m not this person. What happened to me, for pity’s sake?
Her glorious face fell when she saw me shaking my head.
“Oh, I’m sorry. I thought its okay with you. I was planning to join other’s table but it just happened that your table was the only one that’s not full. Thank you, anyway,” her beautiful, soft, musical voice said the words politely. Then she walked away from me.
I could have answer that but it seemed that the cat bite my tongue away. That was the first time that I was speechless. Gee…what happened to me?
That was so impolite, Onyx, I scolded myself.
And I held my breath when I realized that. Whoa! What’s wrong with me? Did I just scold myself for being impolite? But why? When did I behave myself properly?
I was bewildered by my own emotions. I tried to find where she settled herself after she thought that I rejected her. She’s still standing and looking or a seat.
For unknown reasons, I got up and went outside. The rain was making me wet but I don’t care. Maybe she’ll notice that I was gone and she can take my table.
I caught myself again. Did I just care for a stranger girl?
Realizing that, I felt the unjust hatred for the girl. I hated her for confusing myself. I hated her for meeting my gaze and stealing my power for a while.

Months had passed and whether I’ll admit it or not, I was looking for her. I don’t know why but I know I did. And I hated her again for that. That was silly I know, but even if I hated her, I wanted to see her again—very much.
“In that CAFETERIA again? What’s wrong with you, Onyx? Hey ‘bro, you’re not usually staying at one place. Are you not tired of entering that cafe again and again?” my friend, Alvin, complained when I told him that we’re staying in the cafeteria—where I met that girl—again.
I glared at him. “You can go anywhere. You don’t have to come with me,” I said, impatient.
He took one step backward. That was not the usual me. He was astonished by my sudden hostility but didn’t ask why. “Fine. Let’s go inside.”
I sighed harshly. Again, I hated the girl for feeling this way. I feel a little berserk for my actions but I can’t stop myself. I kept on looking and looking at her in this cafeteria. And I know that was a big stupidity.

* * * * *
Everybody around me can notice my changes. I was more impatient now than before, I got easily frustrated and irritated, and I can hardly concentrate on my games. I also started of staying away from my friends and they’re also doing the same. They don’t know me anymore and I feel likewise to myself. Only Alvin sticks to my side.
“There must be something wrong with you ‘bro. C’mon, you can trust me,” Alvin said, trying to help, I know.
I studied him for a while. If I told him about my woe right now, will he laugh at me? I think so.
He elbowed me playfully when I didn’t react. “Are you in love, huh?” he guessed.
I coughed. Did he have it right? Am I really in love?
I can’t meet his eyes so I looked away. But the fool took it as an answer.
“Ah-huh! I know that…I know that. So…who’s the lucky girl, huh, ‘bro?” he was jumping and he seemed to be happy about it.
I wanted to smash him but then, I stared at him incredulously. “What are you talking about?”
“C’mon ‘bro, admit it. I know that attitude. I’ve seen that in my brother before. He had exactly the same character with you. And—hey, hey, where are you going?” he shouted at my back.
“Jumping off a cliff,” I shouted back, stalking away from him. He’s not really helping. I need to be alone to clear my head.
I headed to the parking lot. I was about to ride my red BMW M3 convertible when the girl with her long hair freely falling at her back caught my sight.
I held my breath. I know I have to move before I’ll lose her again. I looked for her for about two months and this is my chance. But I wavered. If I’ll approach her, what should I say? Should I say hi, I’m sorry about the last time? What?
I wanted to laugh at myself. Flirting with girls was easy for me…before.
But now, with her? I don’t think so.
She’ll pass in my way and my mind told me to make an action. I planned to greet her when suddenly, her books in her hands fell, just a few feet away from me. I bent the books quickly and returned them to her.
Her eyes flickered to me with recognition and she smiled. I did not expect it. Once again, she knocked me on my feet. I shook my head with dazed.
“Thank you,” she said. Again, I heard her beautiful, musical, and velvet-like voice.
“Your welcome,” I managed to respond.
She smiled again and walked away. The idea of not seeing her again frightened me. Without thinking clearly, I called her.
She stopped and looked back. “Yes?”
“I…”—I honestly don’t know what to say—“where are you hiding the past two months?” I said—astound by my own words.
She smiled. “You’re not saying that you looked for me the past two months, are you?”
Bang! She got it right. I can’t talk. I swallowed and hated her again for taking my power.
“Well?” she reminded me that she’s waiting for my answers when I was silent for a minute.
“I did,” I said—astound again for my honest answer.
She laughed a serene, soft and enchanting laugh. “And why?”
I cleared my throat and struggled myself to be me. “I want to know your name.”
Well, that was me, right? I was usually blunt, right?
“My name is Garnet,” she answered, smiling.
I tried not to laugh but I failed. “What a weird names we have. My name is Onyx…”
“Oh, I guess that explains the humor with you. Nice name,” she said, really appreciative.
I shrugged. “Thank you but I disagree.”
She smiled—it made me breathless—again. ‘You don’t have to,” then she slowly lipped her hair—it made me stunned. “So will you tell me why you spend the past two months searching for me?”
“I’ll tell you but will you answer my one question in return?” I asked, wavering.
Her soft voice drowned me. “Hmm…deal.”
I took a step forward unconsciously. I was not thinking when I cradle her face gently with my hands. I met her astound eyes and at that very moment, all of my revulsion for her were all gone. She was paler now but she’s still very beautiful. Her face told me to be gentle—she seemed to be so breakable; like she’ll pass out in any moment. And when I really took a look inside her eyes, I held my breath and gently freed her face and step backward—I could see that it’s as if she’s fighting a tears inside her and it shied away all of my power.
I studied the girl in front of me. She was slender, tall, pale, beautiful, very feminine, breakable, so soft and very much…angelic. When all of these came in my mind, all of those times that I still didn’t know how to care, how to…love…flashed back in my memories. And it only tells me one thing: She’s not the right girl for me. No! I am not the right man for her.
“Onyx…” her soft voice called my name. It breaks my trance and I came back to the reality. What was I supposed to tell her? “Are you alright?”
I blinked. “Y-Yes.” and then the words followed quickly and I don’t know where on earth I got the guts say this to her. “I looked for you because I want to know the reason why is this happening to me. You did something and I want to know what that is.” I stopped. I studied her face as she studied mine. She looked shocked but a hint of smile was in her lips. “Garnet…”—I felt the urge to touch her face again as I mentioned her name—“I don’t know why I want to be with you.”
She was silent, so did I. A moment after, she smiled. “Oh! That made me speechless. I didn’t know that, I’m sorry.”
Before I could speak, “So, what’s your part in the deal?” she asked.
I didn’t really have a question in my mind. I just told her the returned question to prolong our conversation. Now I’m having hard time thinking about it. Then I remembered…
“Why are you not angry with me?”
She pulled her delicate eyebrows together. “Should I?”
“Well, haven’t I made you the impression of being an ungentlemanly the first time we met?” I asked, confused.
Her face was perfectly smooth when she answered. “Oh, that.”
I waited but that was all I got. “Well?”
She sighed—not the one with sadness or grief or annoyance, not happiness either, maybe contentment—and she looked way from me, smiling at herself. “Life is too short to live it with grief.”
“I want to agree.” I said, staring at her face. I know at that moment that I won’t get tired of it. I could stare at her face all day.
“But you don’t,” she said and returned her gaze on me.
I shrugged. “We have different perceptions about the way we live.”
She nodded. “Yes, that is correct,”—she looked at her feet then at me—“you said you want to be with me, is that true?”
I shook my head—not answering no but clearing my mind. “Yes…and I don’t know why.”
“I want to help you, Onyx.”
I narrowed my eyes. Then she added, “You can stay with me to find out the reason why you want to but you have to promise me one thing…” she trailed off.
I waited impatiently. She raised her left hand and touched my lips. I swallowed. Then she let it down.
“Don’t fall in love with me.” she whispered.
I can’t believe the pain that washed through my body hearing those words. “I’m afraid I can’t do that,” I can’t help to whispered back. What’s happening to me?
She looked away. “Then I’m afraid I can’t help you.”
“What if I’ll found out that the reason why I want to be with you is because I love you?”
She was silent for seconds. “What if…? Then you can stay way.”
I shook my head in disbelief. “What if I can’t?”
She met my gaze this time. “Then I’ll help you again.”
We stared at each other for a moment then she looked down.
I laughed without humor. “You know what? You’re the most unique person I’ve ever met. Or impossible could be right. But I’m accepting your help.”
She looked up, smiling sweetly. “So, it’s settled then.”
I looked at her, grinning. Was she really serious? Then as if she can read my mind, she told me. “I’m dead serious.”
I shrugged again; I can’t stop myself from brushing her cheek with the back of my hand, so I did. “Then, I should be, too.”
She started walking and my idea of going home was vanished and I followed her.
* * * * *
It was unexpected, she changed me totally. I spend most of my time with her. I dropped the soccer, the basketball and the softball but I stayed with the baseball team. It’s the one thing I can’t live without. She helped me study and unbelievably, I became one of the dean’s list. Alvin was still my friend while the rest focused on their own. My parents became proud of me.
For just a short time, I transformed myself from a bad boy to a good boy. No, she transformed me. And I truly thanked my angel for that.
We’re both in juniors in college and we have the same course though we have different sections. We have the same break time and in the past three months, we’re constantly hanging with each other. If Alvin was not with us, we’re both spending our free time inside the cafeteria—where we first met.
I am contented in my life with her and none of us brought the topic about the agreement that brings us together. About finding out the reason why I want to be with her? Yes…I know exactly the reason why. And I can shout it to the whole world proudly every time I looked at her, just like now.
Alvin elbowed me when I focused—intently—my eyes to the girl walking—with perfect posture—towards us.
She’s very beautiful! She’s my angel!
“Hey ‘bro, enough for that. She’s melting.” Alvin said, teasing.
I just smiled at him, showing him my happiness. He shook his head.
“Whoa…look at what love can do. Who told me before that love is just an illusion?” he reminded me with my past perceptions about love.
I laughed quietly. “I don’t think it’s me.”
He laughed with me. “Yeah, I think so. Look at you, glowing with happiness…love’s eating your heart ‘bro.” he continued.
“I don’t care.”
He smiled and punched me slowly. “I’m happy for you, captain.”
I looked at him and punched his stomach lightly. “I’m lucky to have you at my side, ‘bro. Thanks, really.”
He whistled. “Whoa…anytime, babe.”
I laughed with him. “Whatever, Alvin.”
“Hmm…you seemed so happy,” the soft, beautiful voice float in the air.
Alvin and I exchanged a short glance then smiled. We both looked up at her and I pulled her chair.
“Thanks,” she said, as politely as before.
“Hello Garnet…” Alvin greeted her.
She greeted back. “Hi Alvin, how are you today?”
Alvin winked at me. “Very much fine…”
She faced me. “And you?”
I smiled. “As always, since you came…I’m in heaven everyday.”
Alvin coughed and I nudge him. Garnet smiled—taking my breath again. As always, I stared at her face. Then Alvin had to cough to get my attention.
“Hey, captain, I have to go.”
I just nodded, not taking my eyes away from my angel.
“Take care, Alvin,” she said with a smile.
Before leaving, Alvin punched me in the shoulder. “Melting…”
I laughed with her. She clicked her fingers in my face when I just kept at staring at her.
“I won’t die tomorrow, don’t worry.” she said, smiling.
I frowned. “Of course you won’t. I just want to stare at you. I won’t get tired of it, I swear.”
She actually stuck her tongue out. “Stir…” but when I leaned at her, looking straight into her eyes with my own, scorching, she leaned backward, smiling. “Just kidding.”
I can’t help but to smile back—stunned by her beauty once again.

* * * * *
We’re both staring at the sky at that night. The stars in the sky are striking and with her by my side, the night seemed so surprisingly beautiful to me. She had her head resting on my shoulder and my right arm wrapped around hers. She’s been quiet and I’m wondering of what she was thinking about.
After a long moment of silence, she faced me with a smile on her lips. I swallowed as I fight the urge to kiss her. I looked away but held her hand and bring it to my cheek. She’s so warm and it really felt good.
“What?” I asked when she just stared at me, avoiding her eyes—afraid that I might get carried away by the way she looked at me and let myself kiss her lips.
She looked at the sky again. “Do you know that night is my favorite time?” she asked.
I shook my head. “Er, no…”
It seemed like she’s waiting but I did not say anything.
She sighed and looked at me again, frowning this time. “Aren’t you going to ask me why?”
I twitched my lips, fighting a smile. “Why?”
She made a face—amusement filled me when I noticed that she still looks stunning even in making faces. I stared at her as she let herself fell in a trance. I waited patiently for her answer.
“Because without the night, we can’t see the stars and the moon,” she finally said after a long moment of silence and sighed happily and rested her head on my shoulder again.
I held her closer.
She really surprises me by the way she thinks and see things. Actually, I hate nights for ending a day but tonight, I sort of liking it. Of course, the main reason was because she’s here with me now.
“Yes, I agree. What else?” I said.
She elbowed me. “You are mean tonight, you know.”
I shrugged, smelling her hair, chuckling quietly. “Of course not.”
“You’re not really taking me seriously, are you?”
I cleared my throat. “Of course I do. It’s just that…”—I stopped when she looked at me, narrowing her eyes—probably reminding me to make my answer nice—“that…uhm, yeah, I also like the night. We’re the same. What a coincidence, right?”
She grimaced as I struggled for my answer. She murmured something so low for me to hear. I smiled.
“Hmm, why don’t you just tell me what were you thinking a while ago?” I asked her and settled her in my chest.
She was silent. “Onyx…what if I’ll die tomorrow—“
I shuddered by just hearing the word. “No!”
“It’s just a possibility.” she insisted. “What if I’ll leave you—“
“No, you won’t!” I mumbled again, strained.
“It’s just an if. I’m just curious. So, what if—“
“You know that all of us die—“
“I said no…,” I said, voice firmed.
I felt her sharp nails at my side. I managed not to yelp but the word “ouch” escaped my mouth.
“Fine…I won’t, but will you please let me finish first?”
I sighed. “Okay, go ahead.” I said, wondering if she had any idea how the thought hurts me badly.
“Hmm, if I’ll leave you tomorrow, what will you do? Will you cry if I’m gone?” she asked in a whisper.
I frowned. “You know what, if you’ll leave me here tonight, alone and with nothing, I’ll go mad.”
“Does it answer my question?”
I faced her. “Don’t you get it? When you leave me here right now, that will probably be the saddest night of my life. And now you’re asking me if will I cry if you’ll die? That’s so silly for you to ask. I won’t just cry, I’ll probably die if that happens.”
She scrutinized my face.
“You will? As in, you’ll follow?” she asked in a surprise tone, her eyes wide with surprise.
“Not literally, but of course, my mind and my body won’t function when you’re gone and maybe, well…dying will happen eventually and yes, you can call it following.” I answered, thinking through it.
“Oh! That would be flattering, you know, but that won’t make me happy. So, I want you to do yourself well if I’m gone.” she mused.
I shuddered. “I guess, I already answered your question so can we stop his discussion now?”
I heard her sighed. “Fine.”
I drove her home with my yellow Porsche 911 GT 2—my mom gave it to me as an award for being good—which made me laughed.
My parents were very much thankful for my changes and they really wish that it will last for a lifetime. My transformation was a miracle for them—which I greatly agreed.
When we reached their house, I noticed her hesitation. It’s as if she was going to say something but then she shook her head to herself, seeming oblivious that I was watching.
“What?” I asked her.
She looked at me. “When someone hides something from you, will you get mad?” she asked.
“It depends.” I answered, confused.
She sighed. “If you’ll find out that I was hiding something from you, will you get mad at me?”
“I said it depends.” I said, confused. Where was she leading me? “Are you saying that you’re hiding something from me?” I guessed.
She shook her head fiercely. “No…no!”
I sighed. “You’re tired. Go up and sleep early,” I commanded her, stroking her hair from my fingertips.
She smiled at me. To my surprised, she kissed me at my cheek then said “goodnight”. Wow! That was the first.
I couldn’t hide the glow in my eyes and the smile in my face until I reached home. The glory of first love was truly, completely, totally and eternally making me happy. And I really wish that it won’t change until my last breathe. Call me crazy but I really wish to the moon and the stars that I can spend the rest of my life with her.
But something proved me that happiness won’t really stay for a lifetime.

* * * * *
It was mid-summer when I noticed the change in her. Of course, I am used of her being so pale but beautiful, but I don’t ask her about that.
Sunday was our usual time of being together without the people we knew. We had this place that only the two of us can stay. But she did not come at that day. I called her in their house but her mother answered. Her mother had known me for almost about three months and I don’t know why—I just know that she easily trusted me with her daughter. Her father died 10 years ago.
“Oh, Onyx…she’s sick, honey. She told me that she can’t go with you today. She promised to make it up to you next time.” her mother said.
The news brought a sudden panic in me. “She’s sick?”
“Yes, but she’ll be fine. The doctor came here and checked her. Don’t worry.” she assured me.
But her assurance didn’t settle me so as I hung up the phone, I went in their house with my car. I brought my guitar with me, hoping that I can make her feel better.
Her mother was surprised to see me. “Onyx!”
“Hello auntie. I wanted to see her.”
“But I’m afraid you can’t…” she trailed off her mid-sentence.
It confused me. “Why?”
“Onyx, she’s…oh, never mind. She’s upstairs, in her room,” she said, looking away from me.
I did not mind the eerie feeling and I went straight to Garnet’s room. I did not knock. I opened the door and my mouth open wide when I saw her. She looked very different. She looked like she was sick…very, very sick.
She’s in her bed, lying; paler than before. And was she…choking? It looked like she can’t breathe.
“Garnet…” I called her name. And I had the feeling again to cradle her delicate face whenever I mentioned her name.
She opened her eyes. I could see it…but I reused to believe it. I know, she tried to hide her tears and she used all her strength to smile at me and acted like nothings wrong with her.
“Onyx, you scared the hell out of me. What are you doing here?” her soft voice tried to sound as perfectas before but I could hear its difference.
She tried to get up and I quickly helped her. She sat and studied me, waiting for my answer.
I swallowed. “You did not come.”
She smiled. And as always, it made me breathless. “I’m so sorry about that.”
“It’s okay. You did not call and told me that you’re not felling well today.” I said, trying to sound normal. I ignored the eerie felling when I said the words “you’re not feeling well today”. Well, she’ll going to be fine tomorrow, right?
“I know you’ll call.”
I smiled. I moved closer to her and I smoothed her hair. It was like a haystack but whatever it was looked like; she’s still the most beautiful girl for me.
“What happened?’ I whispered.
“I don’t know. I just passed out. Don’t worry, I’m perfectly fine now.” she assured me, not looking straight in my eyes.
I tried not to give it a different meaning. Instead, I looked away, held my guitar and started strumming gently.
She listened while my voice played in the air. I did not met her gaze and keep my eyes on the picture in her bedside table. It was her when she was five years old.
“Impressive,” she whispered when I finished.
I smiled. “Thanks. That was for you.”
I got up and settled in her windows when tears filled her eyes. I refused to see her crying. I hated the feeling but I can’t help thinking that something was wrong…very, very wrong.

The next day weekdays, she was fine as she had said. But I know she’s not REALLY fine. I know she’s hiding something from me. I’m afraid to ask her about it but I can’t keep the worry to myself as she got paler and paler and weaker everyday.
I decided to ask her mother about it. She denied it at first but then she break down and lose all her façade. She ell down in her knees and I looked away, trying to stop my tears from falling.
“Onyx, she only has a few days to live…” she confessed, choking.
“No!” I whispered, holding on to myself. “No! No…no…”
I walked out and went to our house. As I reached my room, I punched my door and broke my hand. It didn’t hurt, the pain and blood were nothing compared to the thought that I was losing her. The truth that she was dying, my only love, was hurting me more.
I cried.
So, it’s the reason why she doesn’t want me to fall for her. It’s what she was hiding from me then. She’s dying …and she’s going to leave me…soon.
“NO!” I shouted until my throat ached.

I decided not to tell her that I already knew it. She kept it from me because she doesn’t want to hurt me. And I’ll keep it from her because I don’t want to hurt her.
Then it came when she can’t go out in their house anymore. I don’t want to go and see her because I’m afraid that I can’t hold it anymore. I don’t want to watch her…slow dying. But I can’t bear it either to just stay at our house thinking about her…slowly dying.
I visited her, with my guitar, hoping again to make her feel better. But I know I can’t, no matter how much I tried.
She’s in her room, lying in her bed. I never thought that her pale complexion was because of her Leukemia. That didn’t cross my mind.
“Garnet…” I said, this time, I di not fight the urge to cradle her face, her beautiful face.
She smiled weakly. “Onyx, I want to know…before it’s too late…”
“No!” I shuddered. “You won’t die…”
She was not surprised anymore that I already knew the truth. She held my hand. “Tell me…”
“I’ll tell you everything you want to know. Just don’t leave me,” I was pleading.
“Did you already find out the reason why you want to stay with me?” her soft voice asked me, softer than before.
I fought my tears. I nodded. “Yes…yes. The first time I met you, I already found that out.”
She smiled again. And I promised you, remember? I’ll help you stay away from me.”
I shook my head, caressing her ace, brushing her hair gently with my shaking fingers.
“You know what? When you shook your head, it always amused me. Do you remember the first time we met?” she asked.
I nodded again. “I won’t forget that. That was the most precious day of my life. Meeting you…”
“That was mine, too…” she choked. “I asked you if can I join with you but you shook your head,” she said, smiling, her voice trembling.
“And you thought that I was rejecting you.” I whispered, afraid to break my voice if I spoke louder.
“Yes. And the second time that I met you, when I asked you if was it true that you want to be with me, you shook your head again.”
I bit my lip. I don’t want to cry in front of her.
“I was under the impression that you’re rejecting me when you did that but I had it wrong. Now I know…” she smiled.
“Yes, now you know that I was just clearing my mind because you’re clouding it, trying to calm myself, to find the right words. You always knocked me off my feet, you know.” I said, smiling.
She smiled back. I traced her lips with my broken hand. It was suddenly wet with her tears, falling freely now.
“You broke your hand?” she asked, taking it gently.
“I fell,” I lied.
“I want you to promise me…” she whispered.
I swallowed the lump in my throat. “Anything,” I whispered back.
“If I’ll die…stay good, will you?”
“Garnet…”my voice broke. I can’t make it.
“Will you?” she pressed.
I nodded. “But you won’t die. You won’t leave me.”
“I’m afraid I can’t do that.” she quoted me. I clearly remember that words. I used that before when she asked me not to all for her.
“Then I’ll help you do it.” I told her, crying now.
She shook her head. “I won’t accept your help.”
“Garnet…” I cradle her ace again. Then slowly, I touched my lips to her. I wanted to do this before bur she seemed to be so breakable but I can’t stop myself now. And I don’t want to miss this chance. I don’t want to think about it but I now that it’s coming…her death! “I love you…I love you…I love you.”

I spend my days and nights with her. Her mother, my parents and Alvin quietly sympathized with me.
I was holding her hand, she’s now falling asleep. And every time she does, I always whisper in her ears my undying love for her.
“I love you, Garnet. Don’t leave me, please. You have to fight for me.” my whispers always broke when my tears began to fill my eyes.
Then I’ll ask God why He has to get her away from me. “Why her, of all the things I wanted to give up? You can get me if you want but please…let her live. Please…if this is the punishment for all of my sins, I’ll gladly take it myself…just spare her, God.”
But He did not listen.
It was late afternoon when she passed away. Leaving me with her last sentence: “Onyx…you’re the most precious thing to me. I’ll always love you.”

* * * * *
It was late afternoon inside the cafeteria, I was alone—ditching class at that moment—and then she was there. I was facing in the front door of the café and I saw her. She entered with her long hair freely falling at her back. She had a yellow knapsack in her right shoulder and a yellow portfolio in her left arm. I was not used about describing people—especially girl’s faces but I don’t know what brought me at that moment to study her face intently. She has a light green and expressive eyes and she’s a brunette. She looked like a person suffering from leukemia—she’s so pale but she’s so, so, so beautiful for heaven’s sake.
She looked back at me. I swallowed.
I expected her to get angry because we all know for the fact that staring at people is rude. But I can’t take my eyes off of her.
Then she smiled. I blinked when I found out that she’s already standing in front of my table. I haven’t noticed.
“Can I join with you?” she asked me with her voice so beautiful, soft like velvet.
I looked around. Trying to gestured her that why me, of all the people inside the café. That’s when I noticed that the cafeteria was already full. And my table was the only table with one person and that was me. People are sharing with their seats to others and the reason was—it’s pouring heavily outside.
I swallowed again. I told you I’m not good in sympathizing other’s feelings but I can’t refuse her. As I turned to her again…tears filled my eyes.
She’s not there!
It was just my memory…in my head…with her.
It was late afternoon…


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