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Is it love?

Okay it all started back in the 5th grade. Beginning to be exact. I was crazy for this one boy, he was crazy about me. We started being boyfriend and girlfriend. His bff told me all this boy would talk about was me. 2 days later he dumped me. FOR THIS STUPID GIRLS OLDER THAN ME. He thought he had a chance... wow. I was desperately HEART BROKEN. I liked him all 5th grade. The thing was.. his bff liked ME all 5th grade. He would always tell me he liked me but I didn't like him, I liked the other boy. One time he told me that no matter what happens to him or to me or no matter what I say, his feelings for me will never change. In the summer of 5th grade I started to realize that I like him. In the beginning of 6th grade, I REALLY liked him. But I thought he moved on. He also liked my BFF but he liked me more. All the boys like my bff, they think she is soo hot? Well she is a major flirt. ANYWAY. I couldn't stand it anymore, he had to be mine. So I told another one of the guy i like bff to tell the guy i liked that I told him that I liked him and that he should ask me out. I went trick or treating with them and that night the boy i liked was dared to hug me(: The guy I used to like was dared to hug me also but for 1 whole minute...awkward. He was like eklawjdl;k ewish. But I will still always like that kid but I like the kid I like now waay more. They night of Halloween my friend and I were I-Ming him and he told me he will tell me who he likes on monday. So the next time I went to school he asked me out. If was during lunch and his table was right next to mine and he was like " Will you go out with me". REALLY LOUD! he like screamed it across the room. Everyone told me my face turned bright RED. embarrassing! but i said yes. WE TALKED ALL THE TIME. &he would always make me laugh and smile. He would always get upset if I was mad at him, but you couldnt really ever be mad at him, he is just too amazing <3 Around the beginning of January I broke up with him because I didnt think I wanted boyfriend. I WAS WRONG. I was gonna ask him out the next day but he randomly started likeing these other girls. His birthday was a Ice Skating and I was planning on talking to him then but sooner than I knew it, he was holding hands with this skank! (excuse my language) UGH I WAS MAAADDD. She dumped him..thank gosh. A couple days after I told him that I still liked him. He told me he felt the same way and that he couldnt stop thinking about me. He asked me out again and I said yeah. That whole week, all he would talk to is these 2 girls. I had my friend ask him if he liked them and then she warned him that I might cut the string? So he thought that I was gonna break up with him. BAM HE DUMPED ME :(
i thiink he still loves me, knowing that if he liked me since 2006(now 2009) why he would all of the sudden stop.
is it love?


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