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Out of the blue

It was completely random, out of the blue. We had been in the same classes and stuff but I just never thought of him in a different way. We somehow started chatting online over the summer and I would stay up till 1am, talking about silly things, and we realized we were pretty much interested in the same things. He invited me to his cottage with friends and I had so much fun, and I began to realize that I might like him. He would always smile at me and I`d smile at him, and that night we watched the stars, and we tried to find a shooting star. I sat in the front seat while he was driving home, and we laughed and told stories while everyone else was mostly sleeping.

School started and we were in the same math class, and none of my close friends were in my class. Since I had started hanging out with him and I came in late to class, I chose to sit in front of him. I pretty much sat backwards and talked, and if I did turn around, he played with my hair, tickled me, etc. This is when I knew he liked me, and he started to bring excuses for us to hang out. We went to a coffee place after school, and all his friends were smiling at me and acting suspicious. I decided to call him a few days later and we ended up talking for an hour, to the point where we could not stop laughing and I had to hang up before I died of laughter.

He called me the next day, and after a long chat he asked if I wanted to see a movie on Friday, I said yes. Well, things didn`t go as planned. A really good friend of mine who I hadn`t seen in a while (and she is QUITE STUBBORN but I still love her), told me she and I were gonna hang out on Friday, but I told her I had plans. She knew him and talked to him on msn, telling him I was hers, and he could have me some other time on the weekend. It was really cute because she was on the phone with me, and he tried to call me. As soon as she hung up the phone he called :). I told him I was sorry and he said it was ok, and I said we`d go see a movie saturday.

Well, saturday came, and we watched a really funny movie. Before the movie started he had tickled me, so I knew he was paying full attention to me. When he dropped me off at home, he was so nervous when he asked me out and I said yes.

It`s been almost 6 months now, I`m in love. He`s silly, and can always make me smile. He surprises me with little gifts every once in a while, his gestures are always sweet. I feel I cannot live one day without at least talking to him, and being with him even for one day is not enough. I wish he could hold me in his arms and keep me hostage forever. He always calls me his nickname for me, and I always smile, and he finds my silliness amusing and I love his laugh.

I`m ticklish EVERYWHERE and even though I fuss and tell him to stop,deep down I love it because seeing his smile or hearing his laugh is worth it. We have competitions of trying to touch each other`s nose, which might be weird for some but I find it cute, and we even have I love you more competitions. I will never forget the way he looks at me with his blue eyes, they mesmerize me and I cannot help but smile because I know I am loved, and I hope he knows how much I love him too.


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