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Fiancee died of blood cancer

One day me and my fiancÚ we went shopping for a cake for our wedding. After 2hours of long walk we found a perfect cake. And then i went to pick up my dress and he went to pick out his tux.2 days before the BIG day and we were very excited.The next morning he came to see me and told me that our relashionship couldnt work out and i was so upset i cried and cried... i did not know the reason but the day of our wedding i receive a call for the hospital saying that My love was dead because he had blood cancer and i droped the phone and i stood there for about 5 minutes i couldnt accept the truth and after i went to the hospital to see what he left to me and he left me his diary and in his diary its only written I Love You and i always will even after death keep this whit you so that you know that i am always whit you and that even if im not on this earth anymore my heart will be only yours! After reading that i cried so badly i couldnt stop myself from crying.


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