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Stay gone

Its taken me this long.To get to this point.Where i finally accept that your not whats best for me.God knows how i wish things were different.But they are as they should be.I Love you.I have loved you all along.You may have liked and cared about me as much as you claimed.But i grew tired of saying goodbye.MY heart couldnt take it anymore.All the hell you put me through.Im stronger now because of it.But looking back..its all bitter sweet.But i got to hold you close to me.For a moment in time.I dont know how i thought it would work out..but i was praying you would be smart and not screw it up again.I was wrong.Im sorry.Its time for me to move on.Id like to give it another try..but my give a damns busted.Im gonna be ok as long as you stay gone.Your better as a memory than as my man.


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