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Opposites attract

your never know when your going to fall in love, love is unpredictable especially with the person your going to end up loving! well this is the story of 2 persons who are completly opposite! they were both in 7th grd they met in choir she was a mexican skool girl and he was a white washed skool boy. she always made fun of him that he knew that she didnt like him apparently the boy got out of choir which brought the year over. 8th grd came along he was dating this girl but still had a crush on the girl who made fun of him apparently he started talking to her but she didnt like talking to him time went by they were in 9th grd and again they had a class together, by that time he had another girlfriend he still talked to the girl who made fun of him but something had changed that year she didnt made fun of him that much anymore that they started talking and got to know each other! sophomore year came and things were differently the gril had a boyfriend and the boy wanted the girl to be with him so but the girl told him to stay away that made the biy start doing drugs that led to him living a life full of depression and sadness because he could have the girl he wanted. time went by the girl broke up she went back to the boy they started to get to know each other and notice that they did have somethings in common she later realized that she had really strong feelings for him that year came around and she didnt tell him how he felt, so junior year they didnt see each other that much until summer skool came around and destiny put them together once again! then one day the boy told the girl that he wanted to tell her how he felt for her so they went to the park one day and thats where he told her he loved her ever since 7th grd where he had met her in choir. the girl told him she loved him as well evnthough they didnt agree on much and argue all the time! ever since that day at the park the girl and the boy have been together and loving each other with their heart and soul till death does them apart! and remember you can fall with an opposite!


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