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The secret

All my life I have dreaming about finding my dream man and getting him. This winter I finally found him, and whats even better I got him. Andreas is the answer of my prays. The thing is for the tow last years I have been so unhappy, everytime I meet a man I liked I was so affraid that he would end up hurting me that I told my self negatives thoughs to prepare my self incase he hurt me. And what happend, he ended up hurting me. Then one night in november this all changed. One of my best friends of life Amanda asked me if I knew who Andreas was? This was one of her nabo's. I didn't and she told me that he was so hot. Something told me that this was the guy for me. So that night I went home and googeld him. Amanda was right. He was HOT! I keept telling my self " this is the man for you, this is who you have been wathing on you entire life" I texed him, lying telling him that I had been recommended contacting him about the school he attending and that I wanted to learn more about this school. Beeing the nicest guy in the world he wrote back, sure I'll love to meet up with you, just text me when you are in town. I was staying there the whole week so I planed to text him on wensday and take it from there, and so I did. He called me on wensday, and right from that very first phonecall magic was created. The next day he called me and asked if insted of meeting up in a bar, if I would like to come home to his place and eat dinner first. And so I did. After 2 min together I could tell that he was inlove and intreged as I was. I meet his friends witch he lived with, when he introduced me, he joked about that this was his new girlfriend, cause he was falling inlove.
The thing was that Andreas also sings in band and they where going on stage that night so he invited me. We had so much fun. We ended up in this old bar from th 60is. And we where dancing, lafing having so much fun with his friends. Suddenly there where just the tow of us left, he lend over and said, "I have analysed you, you are very outgoing, but you hold back" What do you mean" I know you want me, I have felt the cemestry sence the phonecall, why do hold back?" So I lend over and kissed him. I am not kidding when I am saying that there where sparks in that kiss. It was just like they talk about in the love stories. And finally IT HAPPEND TO ME! Ever sinces things has just gotten better and better. He just keep amazing me of how nice he is. We have SO much fun and laf alot together. Last time I was there, for his birthday I could feel how much he loved me. We went to drive gocart with his friends and I thought that because his friends where there he probably not be as loving as he used to, but no he was so nice and loving infront of his friends. Now he has been away on holiday with his familiy so I am going to Oslo feb 13, I cant wait to be with him. I just now that this will be that best weekend in my life. I have found the love of my life. 2009 is my best year ever. My life is perfect. I must say a thank to "The secret" Nothing of this would happend if it hadent been for knowing how to use the secret.
Thank u for giving me my huspand


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