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Getting married soon

We met on a Scotland trip with the schools we were going too at the time there was two schools going 6 from each Staunton park (thatís my school) and park (thatís Samís school) we didn't really see each other going up to Scotland cause we was on a really small mini bus and it was at like 12 at night when we set off and when we got there we didn't talk really I think I said hello well its a start but we really got talking when they made us walk seven miles out in the hills in the middle of no where so we started talking a lot on that walk it was the best because he was the only one there I really got on with straight from the start I could really talk to him about anything I wanted to so that started off the friendship off but what really got the whole friends thing going was air hockey if it was not for air hockey we would never had spent so much time together but the only thing is we can't really remember the scores I say it was me that won and he says that it was him that won any way the sad thing is that he was seeing some one before he went to Scotland and was still seeing her when he went and I was going out with James another boy that went but that was for a joke the joke was me but back to the story but Sam liked me in Scotland and I liked him but none of us told any one which was bad but when the week was over I got Samís e-mail address and added him like a month after the trip we met up but he was still going out with that girl and I was all alone but it was good to see him again then we just went back on with are lives still thinking about each other any way like half a year after we started talking loads through e-mail it was cool some of the feelings that were under everything came back and it was good to talk to the only guy in the world I really liked ok so this is the sweet part he didn't ask me out because he thought I didn't like him like that and I was going to ask him out but I was scared that he might of said no so in the end I asked him out and he said yes and we have been going out for 2 years now and I love him so much and he loves me so thatís the story of me and Sam and just to add to the story me and Sam got engaged on the 19th of may 2008 and I couldn't be more happier weíre getting married soon and I hope weíll last forever I know it in my heart


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