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Her voice was beautiful

It was the summer between my Junior and Senior year in high school. I was in Summer School when i met this girl, we had the same class so we saw each other every day, we liked the same movies, the same music, same everything, it was to good to be true, but i found that out a little to late.

We would talk everyday about everything. about mid Summer School she finally invited me over to hang out, and i took up her offer. when i got there she seemed out of place at her own home, she wasn't like her family at all. the only time i ever see her happy was when she was with me and her friends, even my friends said the same thing. Although i never attempted a relation ship due to me being an complete idiot, i adored her. Towards the end of summer school, at lunch she looked at me and sang a song "Boats and Birds" by Gregory and the Hawk. her voice was beautiful, the way she sang that i thought it was some sort of Disney song, and she smiled and laughed at me, and then told me what song it was.

Once we got back into the actual school year, we saw each other, but not as much as i wanted, and i ended up graduating before anything happened. and while i was on vacation she moved. i had the perfect girl for me, and i missed my chance with her.

Its been more then 1 year since i've talked to her and everyday in the back of my mind i hear her singing that song. and everyday it pains me.


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