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throughout high school i have been searching for the perfect girl, beautiful in every way, finally, junior year, i start to talk to this sophemore, who was my friend from my sophemore year, i only got her number so she could help with my homework that day, after she helped me that day, we kept talking everyday, and i didnt find her attractive at first...but after talking for a long while, i decided i liked her, but my reason was unexplained...and so i told her i liked her but i didnt want to date, she told me she liked me too, and asked me why i didnt want to date, i told her we were too good of friends, but when she started talking to other guys, i realised, i couldnt take it if she dated anyone else, i truly liked her...finally i started dating her, and we were each others worlds, we spent 6 hours straight talking on the phone, and we started seeing each other outside of school. i really love her, im not emo, but when she almost broke up with me, i couldnt imagine being without her


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