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No matter the distance

A few years ago I made an account on a chat site. I was leery about the whole deal and rarely got on, but there was one person that made it worth it.

His name is Jeff and he is from West Virginia while I am in Indiana. We really hit it off well and became fast friends. He told me how he has never had a good girlfriend and he didn't think anyone would want him. I told him all the time that he was an amazing person and he would find someone one day.

I liked Jeff more than as a friend though. I kept my mouth shut and didn't say a word however. Worried that he would laugh at my foolishness I remained silent. At the time I had a boyfriend anyway. My boyfriend was a friend from school that was not the best canidate for the job. Phillip, my boyfriend at the time, ignored me for the most part and one could hardly tell him and I were dating.

I broke up with Phillip and never looked back. I did however feel lonely. Jeff wasn't online often so I had no one to talk to. My friends all had boyfriends that they were busy with so I was left in the dark.

Then, just recently something amazing happened. On January 3rd 2009 Jeff and I were talking. I wished him a happy belated birthday since his 19th birthday was the 1st and we were chatting like we normally do. Then the conversation turned. At first I thought noting of it, he was just saying how he didn't have a girlfriend still. I told him how I was lonely too. He told me he loved me. I was shocked. I had loved him for a very long time and never had the guts to say anything and here he is telling me what I have always wanted to hear. I immeadiately told him I loved him too. He asked me out that very night.

We might have only been dating for a few weeks, but we havw known each other much longer. I long to be in his arms and to kiss his sweet face, but miles separate us. Every night I wait for him to get on and to talk to him about everything we can think of. I may only be 17, but I know I will never find better than him.

Both of us dream of meeting. Either he is going to come to me for a visit or I am moving to West Virginia with him when I turn 18. I havepointed out to him that what we have can't last forever. He isn't planning on leaving and neither am I, but long distance relationships never last, especially ones over the internet.

Every night I pray I will one day see him face to face and be with him. One day I will lay in his arms totally at peace and he will be there always. Until then I will wait here at this desk, in this chair, and in front of this computer awaiting his return.

I love you Jeff. No matter the distance, I love you.


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