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I cheated on him and lied

Hi my name is christy and i was with this guy for 1 year. It was a great relationship we did everything together i lived with him more than my dad!He wasn't even my type i mean i was the popular one and he was well considered a freak i never thought i would date him but i fell in love hard!! I talked to him for a couple of months before we even started dating and he was the most caring, giving, loving person i had ever met. The relationship started out perfect he respected that i had alot of guy friends and that i liked to be around my friends alot.He respected and stood by me through all my decsions wether they were good or bad.I had everything a girl could ask for i mean he didn't have the best of looks but he really knew how to take care of a woman. Then i screwed everything up i cheated on him and lied. We had just started dating and i was thinking thay i wasn't going to be with him maybe 2 days at the most so i gave another guy oral sex. I told him bout a week later i felt so guilty thats when i knew i loved him cause i hurt with him i had never felt so bad in my life.When i told him he broke down a guy never cared about how i treated them before but he did. I lied about my drug problem i would hide it from him and he would know just by looking at me i was smoking pot and i stil lied i didnt want to hurt him or let him find out.We'll i finally begged him to forgive me and he says he did, but he didn't you see after that we fell apart we have been broke up for at least 4 months and i still love jimmy with all of my heart i've not been with anybody since him i still feel that he is my one and only i just need to give him time to be free and forgive because i pressured him to forgive me the last time.I love you jimmy and i will wait as long as i have to, to be with you your still my one.


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