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Stopped cutting

during the summer i was pretty much suicidal. i hated myself and my life more then anything n i wanted to die so bad. but then i started to hang out with nicky...n he had a gf but i didnt care cuz i liked him alot. then he walked me home one day n when he left i gave him a kiss (our first kiss..which pretty much meant that he cheated on her with me) a couple days l8ter we went out.n i was still suicidal. until i think about 2 months into our relationship...i was cutting again becuz my dad moved back in n everything got worse then it already was. he would do bad stuff (lets just say) n becuz of that i wanted to die. then after nicky seen one of my recent cuts he told me "i dont like seeing the person i love gettin hurt so stop". i still did it tho i couldnt help it. our relationship was close to 3 months n something bad happened at my house that mad me wanna cut again...but when i tryed to cut i couldnt...i kept thinkin bout wut nicky told me n how upset he would get. so i stopped n ever since then i havent been cutting altho i do have a rubberband that i just hit my wrist with. it was weird how ,after hearing by so many people to stop doing that, only one person got it through my head. we've been together for 4 months already n i havent cut.not only did he help me to stop cutting but he makes me feel loved n he makes me feel happy, even when my dad is being a complete asshole n i feel hated by him, i just think of my boobear (nick lol).so my love story is pretty much on how nicky gave me the love i need n most importantly he helped me stop after 4 years of cutting. so all i want to say is nicky I LOVE YOU SO MUCH


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