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Stop being afraid

Stop being afraid. Maybe I was the first guy to actually love you for who you are. Maybe I was the first guy to actually want to give to your life instead of taking away. Maybe that scares you to death. Maybe it scares you so bad because guys like that don't exist. Therefore I must want something from you or I am secretly trying to use you. Maybe there some plot unknown to you. Can't I just be real. Can't I just be who I am. I do want something from you. I want your heart. I want to be with you and know you for who you are. Maybe your not proud of who you are. Your thinking if he really knows me, he wouldn't want me. He's just going to break my heart like every other guy I've known. He's going to use me, he's going to hurt me. Is there some test I can take to tell you I am real. Is there anyway I can prove to you I only want you for you. Here's the real me. I don't like playing by the same rules and doing everything the same way the rest of the world does. I know I am different. Some people probably think I am strange, but I really don't care. The only approval I seek is from God above. Have you ever stopped to think God cares about you and has an awesome plan for your life. Don't let fear take that away. The only way I know how to prove to you I am being genuine is for you to take the risk of knowing me and letting me know you.


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