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Be honest with me

Your a great woman. I just wish you would be honest with me. I wish you would tell me the truth about what happened between us. I didn't believe you when you said I don't see you in a romantic way. I don't care about your choosing him over me. There is nothing in your past which could change my mind about you. There is nothing about your family or anything which would make me see you differently. You have a personality and beauty so unique it's wonderful. I heard the comments everyone were saying. I heard them talk about you and me. I know they hurt you. I know people can be cruel. I really do care about you, maybe that's just to much for you. I know we never went out, but I always did consider you a friend. I know we were becoming closer in some unexplainable way. I knew it by the way you looked at me. I knew it when you were concerned about what ring I thought was on your finger. I knew it when you looked at me and smiled and then the next night did it again and told me, "here we are again." I don't understand it totally, but I do know I love you. I know you at least care about me in a special way. I could you see you staring at me before you left. I knew you regretted your decision for him over me, I still love you. I can't fathom the rest of my life without you in it. I will leave you alone. However, my heart will never be whole. I believe something happened between us that may never happen again in this life. Be careful of your choices. Don't let someone else use you. You are priceless. God made you to be who you are. Who you are is someone special, someone beautiful. Without you to put a smile on my face I am lonely man.


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