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She deserved the "good man"

*all names in this story are changed*

This really isn't my love story, but a love story I cheerish and love, not because its my own like I've said but because its my friends love story.

For practically all my teenage years I was so into this guy named Ryan. To me he was all that any girl ever wanted, well at least in a Christian sense. He loved God more than anything, his family were, one of those truly devoted families, and he was absolutely gorgeous. No, wonder I fell for him. A lot of my friends still remember how much I used to obsess over him and that I could never stop talking about him.

For me he was perfect.

Well, except for the part that we all make mistakes.

I introduced him to one of my friends, who I had been friends since we were kids. My mistake, he got interested in her and soon they started dating, and till this day I know it was a mistake not because I liked him, but because he would be hurt by her. They dated for over two years and when I found out that all that time they were together she was making his life miserable I felt horrible. I had introduced him to her and made me feel as if I was guilty of the things that went on. I asked her why if she loved him, she was making him feel like that and she said something very stupid.'I never liked him, I just wanted to have a boyfriend who could buy me the things my parents couldn't afford to get me.' I looked at her with such hatred and from then on we've never been friends, but with time I let that go and I say hi and bye to her, but I know she's just a dumb girl who wants all the things money can offer even if that means sacrificing the love Ryan gave her.

They both went their ways she found someone else soon after Ryan and Ryan well he also moved on. The funny thing was that during their time together I prayed, because I knew Ryan was hurting, that they would break up and if Ryan was for me that things would get set up for us to be together or if that we weren't meant to be, that he would get someone way better than what he'd gotten before.

This is where another story also takes place. During Ryan's first relatonship another one of my friends was also going on. An impossible love, Bev was fifteen at the time and she was and is still a beautiful girl inside and out. Her innocense surprises me til this day. She like any other young teen learned a lesson in teenage love that left her with a wound, that eventually would heal over time.

She met him at the exact moment I did too, this guy who moved from California to Texas and was way too different from anything we had ever set our eyes on. He was nice, outgoing and to many girls charming.

But, Trey was interested in Bev.

Bev being the young and foolish thought that he was the one for her, she accepted the many calls and texts from him. She always wanted to talk to Trey and be with him. She fell hard for him and even harder everyday as he did also.

But like we know it there is always a twist to the stories and as always there's also something that connects them.

ME! I'm not trying to be vain or conceited, but truth of the matter I was a very important link.

I knew Ryan and I was friends with both Bev and Trey. I was the very piece that brought these two together.

I introduced Ryan to Bev.

He, from the moment he saw her was taken aback and knew immediately that he wanted her.

Bev paid no attention to him as she was deeply in love with Trey. Like I said before Bev's love for him couldn't be, due to the fact that he was over age and that her parents didn't want him anyhwere near her. It drove both of them crazy that her parents wouldn't allow him even the small privilege of talking and texting. Her parents even changed her phone number twice, but still she looked for him. From my point of view their love looked like it could survive anything and since Trey had been with her he had changed a lot. He no longer did crazy things, like get drunk or anything like that, he was changing for her.

To be honest Trey and I were like brother and sister especially because we had the same amount of brothers and sisters and in the exact same order, so in a way that brought us closer together.

Life was going ok with Trey and Bev, even with all the many things they had to get past. Their love for each other grew more and more everyday.

But then Trey met Ryan.

Another mistake.

Ryan over the course of a few months was Trey's best friend. They did everything together, but to Ryan and Trey they never knew that they were both interested in the same girl. Worse yet, Ryan was already making his move.

One day, when Bev and I were out together, we happened to spot the guys together. Ryan and Trey were all smiles, absorbing every inch of Bev.

But Bev only had eyes for Trey.

That's when Ryan first noticed it.

I, being in love with Ryan was all into him, oblivious to the fact that he liked Bev. But, in those few mintues we were all together everything became clear to all of us what was going on.

Bev and Trey seemed to be in their own little world. Every moment of the time we were together they never skipped it to be together.

And since that was the case, I was with Ryan. I knew him and I knew hew knew me, but we were never really close, at least not like I was with Trey. But then and there as he walked behind Trey and Bev he told me that he liked her and that he was falling for her. I was shocked, I thought that he knew about Trey and Bev due to the fact that he was Trey's best friend. My heart sank as his words hit me. Ryan wasn't so into having small talk to get to know me, like I had hoped, instead he was waiting his turn to get to talk to Bev. I admit it I felt jealous, but another part of me wanted to punch him in the face and tell him how dare him think that he was goign to talk to Bev and hurt Trey like that.

But then it was bathroom break and I went in with Bev, I have no clue what the guys talked about, but I made sure that Bev told me what she felt about Ryan. I told her that he might like her and she was wide eyed and said something along the lines of "What the Heck? I don't even know him, we don't know each other, he's not even my type."
That made it clear to me, that she would never like Ryan.

Outside with the guys it felt odd, instead of Ryan taking the back like I he had before with me, Trey took my hand and began walking ahead of them both. I looked down at our hands, we always held hands but not in front of Bev. I tried to pull away from him and turn around but he pulled me faster through the crowd. 'I need to talk to you.' He said as I glanced back at Bev with hurt in her eyes, and Ryan smiling down at her.

'What is it?' I asked him as I was certain that neither Ryan nor Bev could hear us. 'Bev deserves him, he's better than I am for her, he's better Christian and his family is more involved at church and he's perfect for her.'

I froze my eyes locked in his face. Was he seriously telling me this, righ now. I wanted to punch him in the face too, but not because he was giving me reasons, but because he had not even thought to ask Bev how she felt.

When we returned Ryan had Bev were engaged in some form of conversation involving church. She sounded interested, but as soon as she saw us coming to them she got up and walked up to us and asked with her eyes what was going on. I looked at Trey and he wasn't even looking at her, he was looking at Ryan. I felt stupid standing there understanding the situation more than Bev, I was the one that was going to have to talk to her.

I would be the one who would break her heart.

I grabbed her by the arm and felt the need to tak her out of there and run, these stupid guys were going to hurt her without even acknowledging her. I waited till we were in my car and for me to calm down. I saw that she was really confused and hurt.

I explained everything to her, she looked even more confused, she thought that I was going to tell her that Trey and I liked each other. I said no, but that he was basically breaking up with her becasue he loved her so much that he found someone way better for her and he wanted them to be together.

She broke in front of my eyes and said she knew that Trey had told her that maybe they weren't mean to be together, how could this be happening were they seriously giving up on all they had been fighting to have?

The next few days happend with Trey calling me instead of Bev, so that his routine wouldn't break, and he wouldn't think of her, I honestly did not know what had gone with the guys after we had left them. Trey later told me that he had talked to Ryan, and Ryan had told him how he felt about Bev, but that he would never get in between them.
But, Trey had decided to get Bev to like Ryan. I understood none of this, how could he really think of such a thing.

'I'm a good for nothing,' he told me, 'I have nothing to offer to her, her parents don't like me and I'm the worst guy for her.'

I looked at him and knew that he meant that, but seriously. I wanted to yell and tell him that I had never seen two people more perfect for each other than him and Bev. He was giving up on her.

A few months paseed after the inccident and things began to take their course, Ryan and Bev became friends, but Bev resented him and treated him very mean, only when Trey was around did she treat him nicely. I began to see the same attitude in her as Ryan's first girlfriend, Bev didn't deserve him either, how could anyone possibly think this was the righ thing for her. She was becoming more and more shallow everyday, I guess it was her way of dealing with such a stupid situation, but hadn't I prayed that Ryan get me or someone way better than I?

Nothing made sense, and Trey was upset and hurt as much as Bev was humiliated. How can two of my friends really be hurting for such a stupid cause? I began my mission.

I invited both Trey and Bev over to my house they were unaware that I was inviting them both over. She was with me and he arrived a few minutes later. He saw her, was about to leave but she begged him to stay. I left and they had a conversation that lasted more than three hours. When I came back they were both laughing and smiling as if nothing had happened.

Good, everything would be back to normal. WRONG!

The day I saw Ryan was the day I knew I was wrong and that everyone else was right. He said that it was for the best that Bev never liked him and that he had tried to hard and no matter what she would always love Trey, he was the best guy for her, just because they loved each other and worse Bev loved Trey. I looked in his tear streaked face and knew that I was never going to get him that he would never love me the way he loved Bev. I knew that the prayer I had said wasn't intended for me and him to be together, but maybe for him and Bev to be together.

And sure enough, I was right, Bev talked to me after having talked to Trey and was estatic, but felt a hole in her heart after having told Ryan that she was going to give it another try with Trey.

Ryan had said ok and had accepted his defeat, but that broke her heart.

So, Trey and Bev began again, but this time they weren't the love birds they had once been, she had grown up the time apart from him and their relationship seemed off from that point. Ryan had become more than just her friend, he was her best friend.

She missed Ryan. Ryan missed her and Trey knew it.

He gave her up again trusting Ryan would be her everything.

I still looked on from afar and I was also broken hearted not because I liked Ryan, but because when you see someone like Trey break in front of you, it also breaks you.

Trey and I have been friends since then and the best of friends, we never looked at each other any other way, but growing up next to him and he growing next to me made it easier for us to see those two together.

Bev called Ryan a few days after Trey broke with her and told her to go be with Ryan the man, not the boy, that she loved.

She, as I talked to her, felt horrible that this had happened this way, she was also taken aback when she knew that she was in love with Ryan. But their love is an example to us, to Trey and I, at least, we never see them argue in public, they've never broken up and they've been going strong for more than three years, she goes to college and he supports her, he's in graduate school and you never saw to people more in love than them. He waited for her, and now the only thing they have left is for her to finish school and they'll get married.

Trey amazingly still loves her, but he rather see her be happy with the love of her life than to get in the way.

And I, Ryan is like my brother, Bev is one of my best friends, and even though it hurts all of us even Ryan, Trey went back to his old ways.

I guess Trey always knew he was the "bad boy" of the story and that we wouldn't be with Bev and that she deserved the "good man" who Ryan is now.


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