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Swimming pool accident

This story is about me and my boyfriend. Okay let's say his name is Robert and my name is Kaila. I'm going to tell this incident to you in the third-person. Here it goes,

Kaila was a popular girl who went to high school. Robert was a guy, a strong swimmer with handsome face. Kaila and Robert were friends. And although both cared about each other they were too shy to admit. Their school had dormitories for students. It was a kind of boarding school. Kaila happened to be in the swimming pool area one day. She was on her way from a 4-hour super tiring dance class to the locker room which was past the swimming pool. She was busy looking at some papers when suddenly she slipped and fell into the pool. She had fallen into the deeper side. Not having learned to swim, she was was going deeper and deeper near the bottom. (I am going to drown) she thought as she struggled. She was a petite girl in her mid-teens and wasn't really athletic. She was one of those girly girls. She struggled to reach the surface of the water and she managed to get one breath in and all went black.

Robert entered the swimming pool area and saw something very strange. He could see a green cloth in the water. (Kaila's favorite color) he thought. He saw papers and a maroon bag lying near the pool. Not wasting a moment, he dove in. It was a 30 feet deep Olympic size swimming pool. He pushed the water back with all his might. Kaila's hair was flowing beautifully. She looked astonishing. Her dark hair and beautiful figure. Robert grabbed her hand. He pushed himself towards the surface of the water. His hand gripping Kaila's. Something was holding her back. Pulling her back. It was her necklace. It had gotten stuck in special hooks which held the dividing ropes during races. He moved towards her. He fell short of breath. His face was really close to hers now and he noticed her pretty face as he tried to release her necklace. He felt him needing air now. He broke the necklace's string. And pushed her to the surface. She floated so divinely to the surface. HE pulled himself up and pushed her on the outside of the pool. He tried to pump the water out. He was scared. She had been underwater for a long time. He tried CPR and mouth-to-mouth. Nothing. He took her in his strong arms. She was very light. He ran to the medical room. The nurse there looked surprised. "She was in the swimming pool" Robert said with an urgent tone. "I tried CPR and mouth-to-mouth"
The 2nd nurse called the hospital.

Kaila woke up in the hospital a few days later. She only remembered she had seen a lot of water and then nothing. Nobody was inside. She was lying on the bed. She just sat up. She looked at the clock. It was 4am in the morning. She slipped out of bed when a nurse came in. She saw Kaila, made a phone call and smiled. "Good morning" she said and went out. Suddenly, Robert rushed in. Kaila saw him. "Ro... Robert?" she looked at him. Robert said nothing he strode over to her and kissed her passionately. He pressed his lips against hers and kissed her again. She fell back onto the bed and Robert fell too but their lip lock never broke away. He kissed her so passionately and then he kissed her neck and shoulders and back to her mouth. His hands held hers and the caressed each others' hands. Then finally they sat up and smiled.

Robert and I are dating now!!


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