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Angel with a broken wing

She was a beautiful girl.She was 16 when they first met.He was 20. Now that same sweet girl is 17 and the bad boy who loved her and left her is 21. She didnt know.But she was warned about him.Still her heart fell..faster..and faster.She gave him one 2 many last chances.Everytime i watched her fall apart all over again.I couldnt help her, i couldnt hurt him. She loved him..despite it all. I watched her fall..hard.I held her when she cried. Finally after i thought she was a hopeless cause..she ended things with that bastard. It was so painful to watch such a good and beautiful girl to give her heart to someone and watch them just recklessly play games with it. She finally found the strenth to walk away, now she is free.And doing better.Its a one day at a time thing. He wants her back.Only because he knows she is never coming back. He knows he will never find better than her.She loves him, that there is no question. I remember she would tell me..when she would call late at night..when he still wasnt pickin up his phone. I would calm her, trying to hide my anger at him. She would say "Its easy to leave something you hate that is killing you, but how do i leave someone that is killing me but i love so much" She did it, though, she let go. She left that loser in a dustcloud.She is a beautiful girl.She will be ok. She is more than a memory.She is an angel with a broken wing.


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