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He wouldn't leave me for her...would he?

So theres aguy i meet. We meet through a friend and immediatly feel a connection. unfortunatly hes still dating a girl and likes her. but we start talking. and they break up and than he starts calling me. bout 3 weeks after we start talking on the phone we start dating. we dated for about 2 weeks and than he tells me he cant date me because he thinks a. im to young for him b. it'll be illegal soon c. he wont take my virginity. i cry and scream (not letting him know) and try my best at hiding every emotion form him. i fail of course. 2 weeks later, he comes to my school in footsie pj's, my fave sweatshirt on and drenched in my favorite cologne. and he just wants to apologize for breaking up with me. that night we talk online and he tells me hes sorry but he was scared and he was getting in over his head because he was falling fast for me and didnt know what to do. we start talking bout 2nd chances and i tell him he had a second chance. im willing to give it another go, but we need to talk in person about it. so he comes to my school again at lunchtime and he sits next to me and we start talking. i love the guy. ive been in love with him since ive met him. so i took him back. and he hasnt let me forget how much he loves me by doing the simplest yet most loving things for me. scared..because hes talking to his ex again. and he wants to meet her in person and talk about some things. i mean...i shouldnt be scared, since i KNOW he loves me. but i am. i KNOW he wouldnt leave me for her...would he?


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