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True Love

We met in Kindergarden, the very fist moment i walked into the class room i saw you there, in your little pink dress with black pokadots on it, your blond hair, and your blue eyes. we sat next to eachother every day, you were my best friend and i loved you. You may think its crazy to love someone when your that young but it was true. We were together every day all day long up untill 3rd grade when you just up and left. I was devistated when i hurd you moved away and havn't been the same since. There wasn't a day that went by that i havn't thought about you or searched for you. 14 years went by and i Discovered a thing called Facebook and i looked you up and there you were. We talked every day up till i had to see you. so i met you at your moms and we then and there fell in love all over again and have been together ever since. We are so much in Love that theres not a second that goes by that i dont think about you. I love to lay next to you in bed and watch you sleep. and when were apart my heart aches with pain. I never wanna be away from you for one second. Thats why im going to ask you to be my wife so we can grow old together and cherish every moment and laughter every up and down. If this wasn't meant to be i dont know what else to call it but True Love


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