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Major crush

This maybe a little to cliche but here it goes.

The start of my junior year. I walk into school and find a new student. I am still on a hype from summer, determined to make myself seem confidet. I assumed he was a senior. I was talking to some long time no see friends when he walked up. I could have swore i started to blush. So much for confident. `Hi`was all I could get out like I had the wind knocked out of me. He gave a look of confusion and then a smile as my friends talked to him.

Ever since, I have had a major crush on him. I have the hardest time talking to him. So cute! the first 6 months he didn`t know my name. but he came around. I am still in deep need of help on how to figure out how to get him to at least have a one on one conversation. No group. the romance needs to flurish.


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