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Lying about being pregnant

Well I started a new school towards the end of this year and I made friends really fast. My new best friend was good friends with this guy who also went to my school but he was a year older. I began to like him and asked him out he answered with a yes! A week into our relationship his ex said aweful things about me. The next day my boyfriend told his mates and his ex he didnt like me anymore and that he is over me. I was so upset but I really liked him and I didnt want to break up. A few days later he began to stand up for me and everything was back on track. His ex didnt like that and told him that she was pregnante I was heart broken. The next day I wagged school and stayed at my boyfriends house with his mum. When my boyfriend came home he sais my ex just gave me an altrasound photo. My boyfriends mum said this is from last year and its not even hers its says somebody elses name. So I finally stood up for myself and she is caught out about lying being pregnante. Me and my boyfried are dating about a month now and I am so happy. I Love Him so much. Dont give up on love coz its out there.


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