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When two people love each other

Well actually i met my boyfriend thru some guy in church he wanted me && him to go out but really me and him didn't want to so that guy made a huge lie about us liking each other && I was like well i think he likes me & he thought the same thing so we really didn't like each other we were just going to get to know each other when the days when by I saw him for the secound time && i was shy cause ithough he like me. Actually the first time i saw him was at dairy queen we started fighting cause i said something about some girls && he was taking up for them so we just left it like that. Then his friend gave me his number & when i got his number i call him for the first time n he didn't know who i was & stuff but after talkn to him geting to know him i was having feeling for him && they were actually strong feelings. But we were just being friends around november of 2007 he told me that he wanted to go out with me but we never did went out cause i could berly see him && he didn;t wanted to ask me thru the phone or thru the computer but we stil be like I LOVE U on the phone but we were nothing i think we were friends with benifits LOL i think idk it was so confusing but FINALLY on February 14 of 2008 he finally ask me out thru the phone LOL but i said yes so we become boyfriend && girlfriend it was hard for us cause my parents didn;t like him at the begining at all i could talk to him so i would have to sneak on them and talk to him behind my parents back even tho my parents treat me so bad cause of him inever gave up on him and am not planing eaither till this day we already about to be 10 months && my mom is cool with it but she just don;t know that we being going out for 10 months but she knows there is something between us=] My dad he just don;t like him at all for REASONS...but i accpeted it but i know soon he will like him && i know soon we will be like family so close togethere! && Even tho people are trying to breaks us up i don't they are going to cause are love is to STRONG....n WHEN 2 people love each other i think they can handle anything:)......................and our story is going to continue......on.....&.....on...

P.S i left some stuff out !


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