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I actually look pretty good

okay well i guess since everybody else aint afraid to get on here and tell how they fell about a ex i wont either. well the star of 9th grade i was a fat ugly little girl. But the summer of 07 i lost alot of weight and started to care what i looked like. well the boy i was liking didnt like me for what i was on the inside he just cared when i turned pretty. but off that when i got back from summer vacation i went to another town with him and his step mom.and that night i got home i texted him and asked him if he thought i looked the same and he said no that i was really pretty now. so days go by and he stays at my house and ya we slept in the same bed. and just the words he spoke to me opened my heart to him. i dont even know why we are to separte people but we got together. But im the type that i love to write a book about my relationship with a guy and i did cause i cared so much about this boy he was my world. well the end of my sophmore year he broke up with me. well actual i broke up with him cause i say these hickies on him and i threw my water bottle in his face. And then he started dating my ex best friend that i have known my whole life we use to sneek out together and everything. And she has 4 kids and only 19. And she aint even pretty at all. He talks about how much he hates her and all but oh well. I still care about this boy so much he is my everything even though im with another guy. But i guess in the end my love wasent worth his time. We are as of lastnight still talking on the phone all the time and he is sopose to come to school were im at and see me today i hope cause today i actualy look preety good i think lol


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