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I can't hurt anymore

Help me remember..the way it used to be. When all that mattered was you and me.When all that mattered was how we felt. When you were faithful to me. When i could i believe what you told me.When you said you were alone..i believed you.How did i lose my heart to a man so heartless. You took the best of me. I gave you my heart. All you ever did was take. And when you took it back.And gave it to someone else.I gave you all of me. How could you be so heartless?? We werent always like this. I love you.And so many times you show up at my door. Taking advantage..of the way i feel for you. I had to do it. Now your gone. You keep calling.But i know you dont need me.You never did.You dont love me.You never did.I know this is the part where the end starts.I thought we were stronger..
I hate these tears..your telling me to listen..b/c its worked each time before..but not no more. no..not no more. i dont have anything left to say. I've said all i need to say. Your on your knees. Begging for one more last chance. I just cant take your tears.i know ou want me to hold on. And carry on like nothings wrong. But cant you see it in my eyes? I cant hurt anymore. All this a long goodybye. Im sorry.


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