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You never know what you got till it's gibe

When your seventeen..and your head over heels in love for the first time. You cant see what he's really doing to you.Until its 2 late. I was naive. I honestly believed in him. I almost game all of myself to you. Im closing this chapter. Im not dwelling on you anymore. I love you so much. But im letting go. You got your life. Your dreams. You know baby i would of stayed by your side. Supported you through anything. But you lied to me. You cheated on me. you broke my heart. You cut me down. Until i was so low. I couldnt feel anything at all. Because it rains when your here.And it rains when your gone. I take a step back.Let you go. I told you im not bulletproof.Now you know. And here you are on your knees.Begging for forgiveness. But im sorry. You tell me to listen.Because it used to work. But not anymore. I will never stop loving you. Id never thought id say this when i watched you walk away but im doin fine..without you. Ohh..your gonna miss me. You know what they never know what you got till its gone.


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