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The sun was never warmer

It was not at first sight when my heart skipped a beat faster. It was at the first word that my breath cherished the air I breathe in. It was even the first sound that my ears appreciate the sound of your voice.

Down the road of which I hoped was the path of happiness, I realized the whole purpose of my being. The tortured past stopped haunting my nights. The light of day serves its purpose. Bringing in hope of faith to my heart unleashed the anger I have been beholding.

Days gone by had never been the same. It brought laughter and cheers to the hours of my day. Every second was worth counting. Every step was worth walking. Every blink was worth the energy.

Tears dropped was worth every pain in my soul. Nothing compared to the moment where the world stopped in the light of your smile.

I never stopped believing. The belief for the ever lasting romance that coupled from two different souls that god created to roam the earth. The sun was never warmer and the grass was never greener.

My senses numbed from your touch, and my tongue lost its taste. Nothing seems right but everything came to place upon your presence. Against all the odds, you are the best thing that ever happened to me.

And this is the way how I say 'I Love You'.


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