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No birthday wishes

I met this guy at school and finally we end up liked each other. He hadn't said that he loved me, but it was too obvious. We were friends for about 6 months then he suddenly avoided me. Later i knew that he liked someone else. OMG. I felt a bit broken heart as he was my first love, moreover from that time I couldn't really trust a guy.
the story goes after 2 years, me and this guy were still in same high school. We were just friend, and became closer at a time. At that time I already like someone else and I couldn't 100 % trust him. But that guy asked me to go out with him. I refused but he kept asking and asking, I refused with various reasons like, I liked making as many friends as I could.
and he seemed to believe my story, until finally, he couldn't stand it and started to avoid me again.
I didn't care actually, so we went seperately with other people.
That event happened not just 1 time, but 3 - 4 times. That we were close then far again.
After not being cared by him for the 4th time, I realized that I loved him. And he said that he loved me too but it's too late.
He said that he wanted to give it a try, so we went together as couple.But everything has changed.
He didn't care for me anymore and he even didn't give me a birthday wishes. Can't you imagine how hurt it was?
And that relationship broke after he txt me,"I am tired of you and I'm sick of you. You never understand me". That's the way he dumped me and now he started to go with other gurl. What do you think?I love him so much, I can't get over him. What should I do?
I still remember him and sometimes cried for my sad story.


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