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Needs to act soon

it started at the school buss stop..i saw him and i fell in love like i couldnt talk couldnt walk could bearth..and i did knw his name ..pretty much i didnt knw anythingabout him..everyday i go to skool i see him and i get warm in side..i never believed in love but the was some thing about him that changed my mind..and know everyday he looks at me and i wonder whast is he thinking about when he looks at love story is kinda like twilight..he is so cute and im addited..he is my drug..i cant wait to go to school and see him...and ever thime i seat next to him in the buss stop he starts a shy person when it comes to guys like crush but ther is something about him that i just want to go up to him and say i like u...i dont want to say i love you cuz what if he gets scared..i hope one day ill be with him...but at the same time i dont want to loose him over anoter that feels the same i was afrid to meet him but knw that i knw him im afrid to loose him..i dont have the streght to be away from him if i would loose him i would die...


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