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it all started in 6th gradee.. i was not interested in him what so ever i thought he was sick.. but i got to know him and it was and on and off little kid thing for a few years.. freshman year we started talking again when he had a gf he told me he loved and mised me he broke up with he and we got back together it was the best ever life was perfect me and him were perfect but i was noticing he still had somethin for his ex and he started talking to her again i couldnt take it and i broke up with him..
we still were really close then he started going out with her he still told me all these things but then we went into hating eacother i dont know how we came back from it but we got really close but we never started going out now its just off and onn closeness and one day my friend texted him off my ophone saying i missed him and he said all this cute stuff back! he said he wud nevr forget about us and there will always be a me and him. but i had a boyfriend so that just made it straight up awkward! but now just the little things he does when he looks at me when he grbs me even when he pushes me makes my heart drop and theres the times where hell run up behind me and just hold me and i feel so safe i feel its so right.. but im too scared to talk to him about us but i know i will love him forever and always we will be reunited


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