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He may be reading this right now

I decided that this school year i would be completly focused on school, not boys. I tried really hard not to like ANYONE but i failed. it was just a little crush. nothing serrious, i didnt even see him that much, just in the hallway when i was at lunch and at dissmissal. im a nerdy shy girl anyway who would like me? i glanced at him in the hallway he glanced back. this happend for about 4 weeks. then i started gazing and smiling. my heart raced when he passed by. oh crap. i cant be too attached. i couldnt stop myself i gazed he glanced at me in the hall way. the bell rang. i raced out of the door. then there he was standing right in front of me. i felt the adrenilane rush through me. i kept walking keeping a safe distance between us. i talked to my friend standing next to me, i was a little closer to him this time. he was tense walking slower we got to our busses i raced to my seat and layed my head on my knees. i watched his bus turn away, who was he? i started thinking about him more and more. i tried to not do that. it was Friday the friday before thanksgiving break. we had a pep rally. he came and sat 3 steps below me i kept glanceing at him, i felt really depressed that he might not like me back. i glanced again
he had his hand over his face looking right at me through his fingers. we were both caught off gaurd, it was 10 seconds before we looked away. i looked down blushing crimson. it was just 10 seconds he could of been looking at someone else. it was dissmissal. i didnt see him in the hallway. i got home. i wanted to cry i ran to my room. i was lost. what did it all mean! i went on myspace. i feeble attempt to try and find him. no luck there. then i googled does he like me? that was stupid also. i lay on my bed wanting to cry and wanting to be with him. my heart burned with sadness i wanted to be near him. he raced through my mind. the week felt like years i stayed up hours every night looking through myspace friends lists. never finding him. i cried every night. i googled my school hoping to find something about him there. nothing. then i just imed my friend and told her about my problem. she said talk to him. ask him his name then his classes. i could do that. hopfully. every night i dreamt about that 10 seconds. every night i wanted him to be with me. every hour my heart burns for his compony, every aginizing second feels like a decade. i am falling love with him.
i dont know his name.
i dont know who his friends are.
i dont know if he loves me or even likes me back.
the things i did know.
he noticed me.
i love him.
i will not let him slip through my fingers.
he may be reading this right now.


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