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It hurts deep

my bf of 15 months recently broke up with me out of the blue..our releationship was serios we evn spoke about a future together just a few months before hand ... on our 1 year we got glamour shots done worth 2 grand it was part of my 21st present from my cousin .... everyone said were a match made in heaven i thought that too but i was wrong cos now im left shattered confused heartbroken angry and wanting answers ..he knew howm much he meant to me .. over the 15 months i gave him my heart i showeed him everyday how much i loved him withy txtxs hugs kisses he did the same i just wanted to be with him all the time coshe was my world .. i got him lots of presents like barfridges phone kit for his car spoekers 4 ipod afl gurnseys dartbard set and loads of other stuff that was worth value over the 15 months ... wat has pissed me off the most was it was his bday on the 3rd of aug i gave him over $800 bucks worth of stuff that i worked hard for i did it cos he was the most amazin guy i have ever met and i loved him with all my heart i did everything 4 him drove him and his mates around whn they were pissed drove him to melbourne so he could see his mates and he could drink with them i even helped renovated his house just because i wanted to be with him and i cared so much 4 him .. on the 10th of aug i was dumped reasons being we dont have a future but the worst thing is he said when he broke up he was thinking of marrying me he bawled when he was saying it ... i dont understand y he would say this.. he even said i was his best mate his best girlfriend and it was thew hardest thing he has ever had to do he said i did nothing wrong his feelings change and 4 me to move on .. i cant understand y they would sop quick and each day he told me he loved me and all that jazz ... 2 weeks after we broke up hje told our good mate hes over me how can he be when he said that it just hurts cos i dont see him and im not allowed to txt him cos he dusnt want me to get my hopes up cos he said its nevver gunna happen .. y cant he give us another go i still love him i will forever but y did this happen i gave him anything he wanted and he didnt apprecitae it it hurts DEEP..


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