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We live in terror and shame

You know that feeling when you walk into a class room of beautiful people with your feet dragging toilet paper? Well, that was the day I had to commit my love to the one I never though I would fall in love with.
My parents hated him.
My friends hated him.
My siblings hated him.
Even I was supposed to hate him.
But I knew I couldn’t. I knew my heart would never let me. Never let me love the one person that I was supposed to hate, and enemy. What was I supposed to do? Ignore my life’s wishes to be in his arms…Well that was simple. Yes.
I met him when I was sent to the boarding school when I turned 15. Freshman year. He had attended that boarding school for 2 years, and he was 17, and junior. I attended St. Johnsburg Academy because my “discipline” was not good enough at home. I was a young one back then, didn’t care much of what the world had gave me. Didn’t even really know what love was. How it felt to be in love, and to have a broken heart.
I had walked in the academy without expecting much, and didn’t care much.
I made new friends each class I attended. No one there really knew each other anyways because that was the place where parents dropped off their kids because of their “discipline actions”. I first met him while walking into lunch, a common room with high roof ceilings. He had caught my after I had caught his. He had been staring at me for the past few minutes, and yet my friends realized before I did that he was staring at me. I took one glance over there and blushed like crazy.
“Whose he?” I had whispered to one of my new shy friends
“That’s Jake” she had sad
“Jake…” I had whispered. He had saw me whisper his name and smiled.
I smiled back.
Then, he had taken action, walking towards me and I could just feel my heart drop. At that moment I felt like I had changed my heart forever, from child to women. Knowing what my heart is used for, and what my heart is capable of doing, it caused my feelings to go crazy within the seconds of him walking towards me. Everything raising through my mind. What did he want with me? What did he want with a freshman girl like me, when there was beautiful women around him? Why me? As I looked away, looking at other boys around the commons, I realized he was just drop dead gorgeous.
Brown hair, blue eyes, perfect body with tensed back muscles every move had made. His perfect face, every texture was perfect, and he played the part perfectly.
Jake Reynolds…the one man that was against my parents wishes because his parents had problems with mine, before I was born, before he was born…
And after he had introduced himself, and my self. Everything went off slowly. We loved eachother no matter what circumstances and even to this day, we live in terror and shame and burden to each of our families. But we live together to this day. Still loving eachother more than ever.


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