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Never forget -- listen to your heart

Never forget listen to your heart

i must say this is a true story.
i met him in math class when i was 16. He always got in trouble for not doing his work and the teacher we had would always say Eddie my boy do your work and stop droolin over Erika. He'd always get really defensive and say i'm not, i would just giggle and give him a wink to tell him i noticed. we hung out in the same group of kids and hung out at football games and dances,

i went to a dance once and he showed up he told me he wasn't following me but i knew he was he watched me closely all night long so i played along by flawnting myself haha typical teenage girl. at the end of the night i was sittin down on a bench looking out the window while all my friends were dancing with there boyfriends and he comes up behind me and whispers in my ear miss may i have this dance i turn around and looked at him as he put is worn cracked hand out, i took it.

ill never forget that song or that dance he sang it word for word to me it was Nobody but me by Blake Shalden. then we both went home and the following monday i found a note in my locker... it read

I know we may not know each other well but you are the prttiest girl i ever saw do you want to be my girl friend Check yes or no.. so me being a smart ass took the note and wrote i don't respond to notes you have to ask me in person, so he did and i turned him down but he kept trying for 2 weeks he asked me out everyday with those big ole blue eyes and that look in his eyes i just couldn't resist him anymore i was falling in love with him..

we dated for about 9 months and then things got bad see i was a cheerleader and i had to throw this really skinny chick who didn't know how to keep her arms and legs to her self. she was always kicken me or swinging her arms out and hitting me in arms the face, which left bruises. pretty soon rumers started to fly people started saying he was beating me. we started fighting and i would get so mad i would push him and yell he would simpley grab my hands and pull me towards him and hold me until i stopped eventually i would start sobing into his chest and he'd tell me he loved me more then anything else in the world and always would. then one day we got called into the priciples office and no matter how much i begged and pleded they didn't believe me and they threatend to send him to jail. he broke up with me 2 days later he said he couldn't do it anymore.

i remember standing in the hallway yelling his name and he just kept walking away like he didn't hear me, my entire world fell apart that day. he left after that i didn't see him for a long time he was gone for like 3 weeks, then one day i was walking down the hallway not paying attention and i walked right into him dropped my books and papers went flying he stopped short bent down and helped me pick them up we grabed the same paper stopped and looked at each other and my eyes filled with tears i quickly gathered my things and ran far away from him.

as time went by we both got new others. i couldn't keep one and nither could he. but this time i was actually in a abusive reletionship. it was christmas eve i was 18 my senior year in highschool and my boyfriend and i got in a big fight in the walmart parking lot. he smacked me i hit back he pushed i punched him in the face.

well this ticked him off so he told me to get out of the car so i did and just as i was all the way out he took off, now it was not warm where i grew up it was 30 below that night and all i had was my coat and my hat no gloves. i had no where to go it was to far to walk.

i was cold and alone and scared i didn't want to die here i started looking through my phone "nothing". i just so happened to stick my hands inside my pockets for warmth there was a hole and inside that hole was a piece of paper it said

lean on me when your not stronge and ill be your friend, baby don't you ever be afraid to call if you need my help. Love you Eddie
it had his number i called and he answered Hello he said all i could manage was a small voice i had now been sitting there and hour and a half i was freezing, eddie i said, he goes who is this, eddie its me, Erika? he says confused like i started to cry help me i said eddie help me.. help you with what darlin.. i said to him eddie i'm so cold i don't want to be with him anymore.. right then and there he knew what had happened
where are you he yelled in to the reciever.. walmart i replied. ill be there soon i promise he said.. eddie hurry im cold i cried in to the phone don't you worry i'm on my way.. ok i said with in 25 minutes he was there he was a hour away...

he got there and saw me came up to me grabbed my face and looked at me took his coat off put it around me and picked me up and put me in his truck he touched my nose with his finger and said your not going home he's waiting for you i drove by there on my way here.. ok i said but its christmas eve and its midnight where will i go.

well first we are going to drive around with the heat on and warm you up then we are going back to my place i won't let you go by him. tomarrow we will deal with it.. i just looked at him and started crying again he pulled me next to him put his arm around me and said its ok babygirl don't be scared your Eddie monsters here now.

well i went to his house and i ended up passing out in a reclining chair laying on his chest all night long i woke up around 7:30am and he was awake he kissed my forehead and said merry christmas babygirl. i smiled thats all i could do..

we never got back together but i loved him he was my everything and hero. he saved me that night in more then one way. eventually he moved away and we lost contact.. and i broke up with my boyfriend. in June of 08 i moved away from there.. far away.

on my way to the air port i looked out the window and saw that big old silver jacked up truck drive by. i put my hand on the window and under my breath whispered i love you eddie monster!! my sister touched my hand and said i know honey i know. when i got to the air port as i was going through security i looked at my mom and said mamma tell Eddie i love him next time you see him she said ok i will and she did.

a few monhs later i was talking to a friend of mine on the phone and she was telling me the only people she had in her phone and she mentioned his name i asked her if it was the Eddie i was thinking about and she said yeah and she gave me his number, i now currently talk to him or text him every night,

and he told me that if i come home he wants to make me his girl forever, and that he still loves me with all his heart and that he will never mess up again. I will admit i love him.

after i finish college i am going back to that small little town. and i am going to be with him. highschool sweethearts thats what we are, some say it will never last and that i will be making a big mistake. But in my heart i know that he is the one for me and i intend to spend the rest of my life with him.
my advice to all is: never give up on love, never forget and always remember. in the end you will find out that your heart is always right!!


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