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Just a simple friend

It was the weekend of my 19th birthday, and i wasn't going anywhere or doing anything, just sitting home. So i decided to call up this guy friend of mine that at the time i had a crush on. He told me that since it was my birthday he was going to take me out and show me around cuz i just moved to this town.. in which he did. i went and picked him up around 4;and brought him to my house where he ate dinner with my parnets. then we went out, he took me for ice cream and the Marina Jack boat docks then to the beach and we walked down the shore line it was so romantic.. then we got in this wrestleing match we where trying to through each other in the sand and i won, but i think he let me win??.. as the night ended he ended up kissing me on the beach under the stars wow just let me say that. we went back to my house and were watching tv and he passed out on my chest i had to sleep sitting up right because i couldn't wake him up. in conclusion to this story i recentaly found out that he is getting married and he told me 2 weeks ago that love and marriage are over rated. i have not heard form him since then and honestly i miss him so much.. he was my best friend and the horrible thing is he's leaveing for the marines in January. and i may never see the guy that taught me what romance really is. although i don't like him in that way anymore i only look at him as a friend just a simple friend.


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