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Not a bleach blonde

I saw this new guy at school..i had a huge crush on him, when i saw him i would get butterflies. I told my two friends that i liked him, and one of them told him! And he just said ''she's pretty, but i'm taken''. I was annoyed and crushed at the same time..everytime i see him, he looks right at me and smiles. I thought that meant he liked me..but i was wrong. His friend jaz told me that he hated me..i thought this was weird, considering i had never said a word to the guy! So i asked her why, and she said ''he thinks that you think he likes you, so he hates you''. My heart sunk and fell into my stomach and burned from the surrounding acid. I had never felt so..let down. And then i found out the reason that all my life i had been teased and never asked out...i was ugly. It hit me when this boy liam in my DT class, started singing ''Tasha can't get a bfff''..and then he told me he's only nice to pretty girls. Once again my confidance got shattered. When i see my crush, Marlon..i can't help but feel powerless to the feelings that fizz around in my heart. Why can't he love me like i love him? I'm down with not being his girlfriend, but why can't he just LIKE me as a friend, and who i really am..? All this happens to me, because i'm ugly..I'm trying everything to get pretty, putting on makeup, buying new clothes and even getting a haircut and highlights. But Marlon will never go out with me in a million years..or so his two friends say to me everyday. It breaks my heart to think ''he doesen't know me..he's never talked to me..why, does he..hate me?''. I live with this constant heartache and pain everyday. All because i'm not a bleach blonde with straight hair and makeup like icing on my face.


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