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Felt terribly bad

he was in love wid me since 8th grade, he flited alot right until 9th grade . IT eventually came to a stage where he said ''I LOVE YOU''. unfortunately i was too busy worrying in other things like my education and i didnt really notice his true love and feelings for me, i assumed he was just kidding , I NEVER BELIEVED HIM OR TOOK HIM SERIOUSLY .only a silly girl like me would say ''BUT, I HATE YOU'' well let me say why, this guy was terribly annoying me that day , in fact he always did that . ANYWAYS AFTER MY REPLY I FELT TERRIBLR AFTER DISCOVERING FROM MY FRIENDS AND CLASS MATES THAT HE TRIED TO GET MY ATTENTION BY ANNOYING ME . I TOTALLY REGRETED THIS FOR THE LAST FEW MONTHS LEFT FOFR SCHOOL TO END .I TRIED TALKING TO HIM BUT IT DIDNT SEEM AS IF HE WAS INTERESTED IN ME ANY MORE. DURING THE DECEMBER HOLIDAYS ALL I COULD THINK OF WAS HIM , I FELT TERRIBLY BAD ABOUT MY REPLY 2 HIM. FINALLY IT WAS A NEW YEAR, 10TH GRADE I TAUGHT I COULD TALK.....BUT ALL GOT WAS NOT EVEN A SMILE, I BELIEVE HE WAS IGNORING ME. EVERYTIME I PASS BY ,EVEN I IGNORE HIM NOWDAYS , COZ I FEELL SHY, I DONT Y , COZ I NEVA FELT THIS WAY ABOUT HIM BFORE....


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