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Can't run from reality

I had always had an attraction to women since a young age but never acted on them because of my mother. I dated boys here and there and even thought I loved a few. It was my junior year in collge and had just broken up with my ex, I used the same excuses as always "I feel smothered" and the famous "Its not you its me." I had finally reached a point in my life in which I wanted to explore the desires that I had supressed for so long. Even with these wants and needs it was hard for me to do what I wanted for the first time in my life and of course the ex kept calling and wanted to work things out. I finally gave into my ex and tried to work things out when I met a girl. She was whit with beautiful blue eyes and long, curly, dirty blonde hair that lightened under the sun. She was a friend of a friends and she caught my eye as soon as I saw her. I told my friend that she was so cute and pretty but i was to shy and nervous to ever say anything to her personally, and of course I was working things out with my ex, I couldn't be interested in a girl now. Little did I know my friends had gone up to my crush and told her that i liked her and she set up a plan so that we could be at the same place at the same time and just talk. So when I met her up one night for a study group at a computer lab my crush happened to walk in while we were doing hw. I was to shy and nervous to even think on why she would have been there. I never thought she would have been interested she was white and I was Puerto Rican what do we have in common? The whole night she was trying to include me in their conversations and aske me questions, she even flirted here and there but it seriously went over my head. I was red the whole time and couldn't look at her face. Eventhough i was having a great time with her I couldn't run away from the reality that I was trying to work things out with my ex and the fact that I was not happy at all with him. So the next day I took a chance and broke it off with him not only for her but for myself i needed to be happy for once. Even if things didnt work ouyt between me and her it would have been a stepping stone to a new life. And what a new life it is. We have been together for about 7 months and I've never been happier in my life, as each day passes our love for each other grows more and more. Hopefully it will last for much longer and if it ever ends (which I hope not)it would be something I would cherish and remember forever.


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