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Dating ever since

I was running late to my sister's birthday party so i ran in to a bookstore to buy her the book she has whining about when i crashed in to someone i know who was with me in University. I was apologizing when my eyes caught who was with her. He was a dream come to true tall dark handsome. well just my luck well i was to late to flirt so i thought who cares there are other fish in the sea right. Two month past by finals were coming to an end so my friend gave a party. I entered the party with a couple of my friends and we had a blast but when it become to time to leave because people got drank i left alone. Walking back home a a found a bookstill open so i enter and did some retail therapy because while everyone had a boyfriend i was alone. I was evedroping on the conversation between the bookseller and a customer who was searching for a book for his sister about vampires. I thought i should help so i walked towards them and got shocked to see none other then tall dark handsome. I recommeded Twilight becasue sister is in love with it and she seems to be the same age as his sister. I thanked me and asked me if we meet before i answered yeah remember the idoit who crashed in to Kate. He was surprised. he asked me what was i doing this late in the bookstore i told him i left a party and was walkin home when i saw the store open so i was getting me a book to read. He offered to walk me home and all the way home we talked nonstop. When i got to my door he asked if i would like to bring my sister to his sister's birthday. I was really happy because it was like a date. i blackmailed my sister in to coming and when we got there i was amazed cause i never thought he was that rich. i walked in to the house and was greeted by none other then my history professer. he asked me how was i and is this my sister and i knew he was confused as was i to why i was here then the tall dark handsome guy greeted me and introduced me to his father. His father told him so this is the girl who crashed in to you and kate at the bookstore. I was so embarassed that i only answered him with a nod, a smile and a blush.My sister stood near me bored and thank god she pulled me back to earth and told me that i was blocking the enterance. Tall dark handsome took my hand and told me he wanted me to meet the birthday girl. My sister seemed to know her and hit it off with her they meet at the mall twice.He then left me alone so i took my self out and called my best friend to get some advice to what to do now. She told me to leave my sister and give her the car keys so she coud drive her self home and call my brother to drop me home. While i was walking to the car tall dark handsome asked me why am i leaving i answered back that he was busy and that i didnt know anyone. You know my father apparently from your greeting and you know me. I answered that wasnt enough for me to enjoy myself so he answered you would rather be with him. He pointed at my brother who came to drive me home. He was angry and i didnt understand why then it hit me he thought my brother was my date. I turned towards him and told him that he was my brother which calmed him down. He then announced to my brother that i have changed my mind and pulled me back to the house. We have been dating ever since


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