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There's love, there's pain

Love Through the Distance

I've been going out with this really matured and lovely guy for two months. As people see from our ages, adults don't really believe in love that teenagers like us feels.I know our relationship age is still young, but it seems like I already knew him for so long. He's familliar. So, he's planning to go overseas for college. I still got two more years to college, and my parents do not allow me to go overseas study on my own before I reach 16. I'm worried, and sad. Most of the people say I better let him go, because most of the long distance relationships won't work. He's also worried, he doesn't want me to be sad, missing him all times, crying and feel lonely. He's not sure himself whether to let us continue our relationship. I know he has a good personality, and loves me deeply, but I'm not ready yet to let him go. I really love him, and I don't know what to do. Lately, he has been acting strangely cold. He avoides me most of the times, and refuses talking to me.I don't know what's going on with him, or maybe he purposely doing these stuff so that I can let him go? Love is a pain. There's love, there's pain, there's no love, there's no pain.


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