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Big heart in the inside

never stop. that is all i could say. dont let ego overcome you. or it will be a once and for all. im just any average teen girl who is naive. ok..maybe not naive but..naive in love. if you get what i mean. ...

one of my happiest day of my life came..the guy i loved since last year came into my life! .as i was standing by d corridor...he came alone...ok...start from the beggining okay? 2 days ago..we had alot of eye contacts..ok..that's noting..the next day i meant..early in the morning..skip class a little a lil' while..^^ lazy to go back to class 1st..and i saw him..he is unusually alone and im alone 2 as everyone went back into their class..he went into the toilet and i was actually waiting 4 him..i was trying to calm myself by waving at my frens from the other he will not think of something i dont want him to start thinking.

i love to laugh and i laugh most of the i noe it sound rather stupid waving while laughing and when he saw..he gave this really teasing smile and say "laugh laugh laugh evrytime only" and den my smile turn to frown..but i was just i den shouted back "den wat u wan me to do huh?? be angry all the time izit??!!" he walk sooo close tome tat maybe i tot i am afraid he could hear my heart beating..haha..never c his soft gentle side b4..he came too close and gently touch my face and said "wei..dun so fast angry..hmm..?"in a real gentle soft tone and wit a smile and he walked away..i swear my heart was actually beating way too fast dat it might explode....==" i guess he said sumting lidat..the guy i really do love since last year..haha ok..maybe it's not long 4 u but it's long enough 4 me waiting.. dis year he dated a girl a year younger then i m..she's gorgeous ...

i don noe y i tend to fall 4 boys like him...he...he has a real bad boys look but...there's sumting i feel in him........a prefect once asked me.."wat do u actually c in dat guy??" haha while other of my good frenz said he's gd looking..and 2 of my frenz were always telling me."he's looking at u!!!"(during break and lunch) i..actually realised that but what could i say or do..^^

to cut it really short, we started smsing. like what i said, he is nice. i did not expected him to be like that. he's just ssooo different....his smile, it's so sincere. ok, back to wat i was saying, he is nice. he is a bad boy in school but a big heart in the inside. there's many guys i could make them fall in love with me but not him......why??!! i actually felt stupid to think he had feelings for me..and im sure he had!

but both our ego..ruin everything.. we would always wait for each other to start the conversation 1st..and at last, we just stopped..once and for all..all these events i had already cut real short.. i still could not get over's an unusual feeling as many guys i dated i could 4get real easily but still it's not him. my heart broke when i see him with other girls sooo..close. we are never like that b4..we're too shy..and i chatted with many guys but i still felt the emptiness. what's wrong?? and i love the time when he first bought me the ice's just an ice cream im im alreasy above clouds..

.. and there, it stopped once and for all..goodbye Zhen. i love you u noe..good luck for PMR. i LOVE you.


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